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Rules For Santa by Susan Hawke
Books F FayeK November 11, 2019 463
I loved this one as it had all the feels for me.
A first read for this author for me with this book.
A great start to the book as Scott and David catch eyes on Cameron at a busy restaurant. Cameron' s smitten with Scott working as a waiter than he get fired for his accidents. Scott is great with Cameron as he needs a bit of TLC being living on the streets. 
This book a great Daddy and Boy 101 with some good explanations of different things in fetish. I loved Cameron and he does ask a lot of questions.. Scott is great from a silver fox Daddy..
Cameron made me laugh with him. 
Hot sexy scenes for a slow romance, the ending was gorgeous.

Scott was 48 and a silver fox and district attorney , divorced and Bi.
Cameron had a bad time fired from a job and then collapsing in an alley. 
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