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RJ Scott talks about cowboys, heroes, and millionaires

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I am a romance writer. I not only write romance stories filled with happy ever after’s but I read them as well. I have done, ever since my Aunty Olive gave me some old Mills & Books books when I was about twelve.

The idea that an initially implausible attraction becomes love, and the journey taken to get to that love, is one that hooks me.

So that got me thinking, for this post, about tropes. A trope is the word used to describe ‘commonly recurring literary and rhetorical devices, motifs or clichés in creative works’ (Wiki). Now, my favorite example is the enemies to lovers trope. But I also love heroes, cowboys, and millionaires. I am mainlining hockey books at the moment – something about the stubborn, strong men of hockey always makes me smile. 😉

So, imagine the enemies to lovers storyline – man A, let’s call him Joe, is a complete bastard (although actually he isn’t, he’s just misunderstood for various important reasons – trope alert). Joe moves back to a town that he left a long time ago (trope) and sees man B, let’s call him Adam. Adam never left the town (trope), worked hard, and he and Joe fell in love as kids (fab trope), but now, for some reason they hate each other. Because Joe left, or maybe Joe had an affair, or maybe Joe was forced to leave. Adam, on the other hand, stayed in the sleepy town, and never saw life outside the town and Joe never wanted to stay. Maybe the affair was a misunderstanding (another trope!) or a set up (and there is another one).

So, when I say I adore ‘enemies to lovers’ it could be any combination of other tropes all mixed into one. Every book I have written has romance at its core, which I guess, in itself is a trope. Add on all the other things that occur in a story and suddenly the book isn’t friends to lovers anymore, it’s a central theme with all the added extras.

I did an informal poll on my facebook, enemies to lovers was on there, nerd/jock, millionaire/wrong side of the track, assassin/innocent…

Do you read romance? If yes, do you have a favorite kind of storyline trope?

Montana-2-400The Rancher’s Son, Montana Book 2

A man without memories, and the cop who never gave up hope.

When he wakes up in the hospital, the victim of a brutal beating, John Doe has no memories of who he is or who hurt him. The cops can find nothing to identify him and he can’t remember anything to help… except the name Ethan and one recurring place from his dreams. Two words, and they’re not much, but it’s a start: Crooked Tree.

Detective Ethan Allens has never stopped searching for the two boys who vanished. When a report lands on Ethan’s desk that may give new leads, he jumps at the chance to follow them up. The man he finds isn’t his brother, but it’s someone who could maybe help him discover what happened twelve years ago.

What neither man can know is that facing the very real demons of the past could destroy any kind of future they may have together.

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RJ Scott is the bestselling author of over ninety romance novels and novellas. From cowboys to millionaires, SEALS to cops, her stories are passionate, sexy, and always come with a guaranteed happy ever after. RJ also writes as Rozenn Scott for her new line of strong men and women who find that it’s always worth overcoming obstacles to find a forever love.

RJ lives just outside of London and has never met a bottle of wine she can’t defeat.

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