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Rising NYC Artist Mike Baretz Makes his Breath Taking Return with Tunnel Vision

Mike Baretz is a singer-songwriter and producer who blends R&B groove-infused production, pop-conscious melodies, with layers of beautiful synths and guitars to create his own unique style and sound. Drawing influence from the likes of John Mayer and Charlie Puth, the NYC based artist makes his return with the blissed out ’Tunnel Vision’ May 28th.

Having studied with music industry heavy weights such as 2x Grammy award-winning composer Herschel Garfein and artist developer/pianist Vera Tisheff (Leonard Bernstein, Earl “Fatha” Hines), Mike has performed at Juilliard and is selling out shows at Muchmore’s, Cornelia Street Cafe, and other venues in the NYC/Brooklyn area. All he needs is himself, a guitar or a piano, and a computer, to put on a show for his audience.

Mike Baretz

Returning with ‘Tunnel Vision’ May 28th, Mike draws on feelings of vulnerability and hurt, feelings that a lot of people are able to relate to. Speaking more on the track, Mike explained: The meaning behind the lyrics came from a longing for someone after being hurt and vulnerable in the past. You are so struck by this person that you can’t see anything else but him or her or them, and feel as if you have to go with the flow, as you don’t really have a choice (“I can’t make a decision, but living in the moment seems to be really all I can do”), but you are so struck by this person that there isn’t any alternative.

Having built solid foundations over the last year with singles Any Other Way and I Took The Long Way Home, Tunnel Vision is arguably his strongest release to date. A calm yet powerful single that tells an all to familiar story of heartbreak that many people will be able to relate to.

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