Riley Owens Releases “Camino,” An Upbeat Indie Anthem About Finding Perspective

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Everyone can lose their way after a heartbreak that lacks closure. What’s important is how they find their way on the right track. For Riley Owens, he heals and grows through this inspiring track “Camino” where he takes the end of a past relationship as a lesson to be okay on his own. Owens communicates this universal struggle with his audience through dynamic vocals and irresistible guitar riffs that shift from delicate and soft to powerful and commanding. 

What began as a trivial moment of guitar noodling transformed into a lyrically rich and guitar-guided track about coping with the unexpected and abrupt end of a new relationship.

“I had this feeling that this riff was going to mean something to me, and I thought to myself: ‘I have to record this right now.’ Then, not even five minutes later, my relationship came to an abrupt end,” describes Owens.

The guitar hook carries the track with variations echoing throughout the song. A light percussive background maintains an uptempo vibe with cool highlights including a clock ticking in the background of the chorus, which represents how he won’t “clock back” and how he will gain perspective instead. 

This inspiring release is a must add to your breakup playlist. 

As the song suggests, sometimes we need to “find the start on (our) own.” It is difficult to cope by ourselves, but we are independent human beings who are stronger than we credit ourselves for.

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