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Books DA Debbie Attenborough February 28, 2018 256
really great, cute read.
  | Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.

I've read a few of Bailey's shifter books before, they tend to be short and sweet, so this one came out of left field and surprised me! And I've no idea WHY it surprised, just that I'm left feeling that and ya'll know I gotta share! 

It's sweet, it's funny, (some proper laugh out loud moments!) it is emotional and it's sexy. And I really enjoyed it!

Albert is a geek and proud of it, and there are a few geeky jokes, and some not so funny comments, but they get shot down, right quick! Gregg is a model helping with a charity calendar and Albert has no illusions that he could ever land a guy such as Gregg, but Albert pushing all of Gregg's buttons, and some he didn't know he had so it's a matter of Gregg chasing Albert. 

There is an on-going issues (I've already read book 2 when writing this review) with the photo shoot, and I don't know if it will ever get done, based on these two I've read, it might well be December before it gets done! 

A thoroughly enjoyable read, some 180 pages,that fit in well on my list between two heavier reads, hence the hang over tag. I look forward to reading more of this series! 

4 solid stars

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