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Books DA Debbie Attenborough February 28, 2018 279
creeping up!
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book. 

This is book 2, and while not really necessary to have read book one, it might help give you an idea of just how doomed this charity photo shoot is!

Because now the shoot is supposed to be in the museum's grounds, and there are CHILDREN about, young children who do not need to see semi nekkid (and before someone jumps down my throat, yes, that is how I MEANT to spell it!) guys wandering around. Enter Arturo, who offers the use of his land instead. But the shoot brings him into contact with Darin, and Darin's dog shifter half, wants to play with Arturo and his kitty half. 

While actually shorter in length that book one, this seemed longer when I read it.  I enjoyed it more too! No idea what's different in this one to that but hey! I don't really care. What was different, it was good. 

I still can't see this shoot getting anywhere off the ground, with one setback after another, but again, I don't really care because I am really enjoying these! What I particularly like, is the shifter element is kinda added on, you know?? Its not a massive point of interest in the story line and I'm loving that! 

And also, because the pairings are such polar opposites, it's great fun watching the come together, to fight the attraction because one or both of them can't see the other wanting them. excellent writing!

So, Ms Bradford, please keep these guys coming. Not least because I wanna see that this calendar actually gets off the ground! 

creeping up to 4.5 stars but not quite 5...yet! 

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