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The Rest Of Our Lives, by Dan Stone

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The Rest Of Our Lives, by Dan Stone

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About the Author
Dan Stone is the author of the gay romantic fantasy "Ice on Fire: The Test of Our Lives," sequel to the Lambda Literary Award finalist "The Rest Of Our Lives" (Lethe Press). He is an author, poet, photographer/digital artist, life coach, and college instructor whose fiction, poetry and essays have appeared in Charmed Lives: Gay Spirit in Storytelling, White Crane Journal, A&U Magazine, Astropoetica, Mostly Maine, Bay Windows, Chiron Review, Gents, Badboys, and Barbarians, New Gay Male Poetry, and Rebel Yell: Stories by Contemporary Southern Gay Authors. He can be reached via his website: and at:
Publication Date
May 22, 2009
230 pages
Filed on personal Goodreads shelves : 2016 reads, Divine Magazine 2016, Young Adult, Male/Male, LGBT, Fantasy/Sci-fi
Colm McKenna has led a guarded life. Gifted with a wintry soul and a photographer's eye, he can stop time as easily as he freezes water, or call down cold north winds. He thinks he is alone and unique in the world. Then, seemingly by accident, he meets handsome writer Aidan Gallagher, his opposite, a fiery young man who quickens Colm’s heart. In this lighthearted, gay romantic fantasy, can two male witches whose passion reincarnates century after century, find a way to express their love for each other again? Can this enchanting pair finally succeed after so many lifetimes? 
A 2010 finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Romance!

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Something was missing.
(Updated: January 11, 2016)
Independent review for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.

I loved the idea of this book. Imagine, living your life over and over but not remembering the one you love each time?

Colm can't remember Aidan. But Aidan knows Colm, has done since the dawn of time when Colm's soul resided in a female. Aidan just need Colm to remember.

As I said, I loved the idea of this story, loved that Aidan always left, loved that Colm decided her was going to leave this time. Of course, that didn't quite work but still. 

Some reviews talk of the humour, but I must have missed it, cos while it was amusing in places, I didn't find it laugh out loud funny.

It it, in my opinion, almost clean. I've filed it on my YOUNG ADULT shelf, with a view to 16+

It is also single POV, told entirely from Colm's POV. But I found him a weak narrator and not very interesting in parts, and I think that even if Aidan had his say, in the first person, as Colm does, it would have bumped the rating up from me. There is a wonderful supporting cast of characters too, who could have had a say.

I have Aidan and Colm's follow up story to read next.

A good tale, which just fell a little bit short for me.

3.5 stars

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