Remy Reilly Goes on a Journey With New EP Avalanche

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Dallas-based Remy Reilly’s debut EP Avalanche reflects the indie-pop riser’s eclectic inspirations together with an introspective, storytelling-driven persona, presenting a collection of five genre-diverse tracks which commemorate her coming-of-age journey.

Bridging across themes, references, and tone, Avalanche has the range of a cinematic opera, a performance of light and shadows which create a palpable sense of ups and downs of a young woman’s experience of growing up.

“This EP focuses on the struggles of a teen girl making her way through high school and finding herself through her challenges of becoming a woman.” – RemyReilly

Youthful excitement meets the burning sensations of growing pains, where Remy’s brilliant storytelling takes audiences through experiences of heartbreak, relationships, beauty standards, peer pressure, and overwhelm. This journey is emotion-filled, constellated by a sense of relatability that extends beyond time, but embraces a change of comfort zone. “Avalanche” and “One Chance” are the standout tracks in our opinion. Must adds to your playlists.

Remy Reilly’s sound is consistently unique, innovative, and refreshing – known for her versatile musical style, she masters expressive soul-blues vocals and pop rhythmicalities. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter is a well-rounded musician who masterfully molds and crosses genres, and is now establishing herself as an emerging voice in the Dallas scene. The Avalanche EP is a perfect example of her range encompassing youthful, teenager pop-rock rhythms with self-aware and emotionally mature storytelling, to recount her experiences of growing pains. Visit her at and stream her new EP below

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