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Release Day Review: You Never Know by Mary Calmes
by Claire Potterton     July 21, 2017    

Left me torn.

This book both delighted and disappointed me.  I love a second chance love story, and this one has a beautiful basis, the characters are endearing and attractive, and incredibly well developed, and the writing is wonderful, as is always the case from this author.  
My disappointment? At the beginning of this book, Hagen is in a 'kinda' relationship with Ash, albeit a physical arrangement rather than a romantic one, but this arrangement continues for more than half of the book.  It is only after the 60% mark that we get any indication that Hagen may entertain the idea of rekindling his relationship with Mitch.  Both of these relationships had their appeal, but this book needed to be substantially longer to do justice to the story of Hagen and Mitch, after the focus being elsewhere for so long. 

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