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Release Day Review: Walking By Faith, by A. M. Leibowitz

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Release Day Review: Walking By Faith, by A. M. Leibowitz

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About the Author
Hey, there! I’m A.M., and I’m an author, spouse, and parent.  This is what I do in my spare time–I blog stuff.  Sometimes I write about life, faith, and inclusivity, or I tell you about my family (with their permission, of course).  Other times, I make up stories and share them with you, or I talk about my current work-in-progress. In between, I feature the work of my colleagues.  Fortunately, my spouse, to whom I’ve been married since 1997, has been happy to give me time and space to do all of the above.

I consider myself an agnostic Christian, meaning that I hold to my faith but I profess certainty about nothing, and I don’t carry out my religion in any sort of traditional way.   I like to question the way we practice faith, especially with regard to church.  I admit that sometimes, I have some pretty serious doubts about the whole thing, but I keep pressing on because much of what I believe has enriched my life and made me a better, more loving person.

I’m a lifelong resident of New York State, and I wouldn’t have it any other way–despite the cold and snowy winters.  Besides, writing slice-of-life stories about love and hope is a great way to keep warm, right?  I thought so.  I tend to set my stories in my home state, since it’s a place I know and love, though I’ve been known to stray occasionally.  I have degrees in Nursing and Health Science, which I am obviously putting to good use here; just ask a few of my author friends about my fondness for ensuring my characters all have safe sex.

As a feminine-leaning genderqueer bisexual person (pronouns they/them or in certain situations she/her; I use either of those), I’m passionate about using my words and ideas to destroy the -isms that permeate our wider culture and seep into our writing, whether that be fiction or non-fiction.  Feel free to stick around, hopefully adding your own voice via comments or even a guest post or two.  Welcome aboard!

Publication Date
November 01, 2016
251 pages
Filed on personal Goodreads/ BookLikes shelves: 2016 Divine Magazine, Male/male, romance, darker/grittier
Following a brutal attack that left him nearly dead, Becket “Cat” Rowland is a mess inside and out. To cope with the trauma and with his view of himself that he’s nothing but an empty shell, he’s taken three vows: simplicity, chastity, and silence. His once colorful, trendy, and often feminine wardrobe has been replaced with jeans and t-shirts, and he’s sworn off men. He locks himself away from the world, using the memorized prayers of his childhood as his only speech.

Cat is lost to himself and everyone around him until another hospitalization introduces him to nurse David Simms. David takes Cat’s silence in stride, caring for him without pushing and slowly building Cat’s trust. As their love grows, Cat begins to let go of his vows one by one, only holding onto the silence.

Despite how far he’s come, the severity of Cat’s panic attacks threaten to undo everything David has built with him. Cat’s only hope is to break the final vow and tell the truth about the night of his attack. When David fails to keep a promise he made to be there for him, Cat has to stand on his own and prove to himself he’s strong enough to survive.

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Totally loved Cat.
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.

I usually write a blurby bit, but am not here. 

I gotta make three points.

1. This is, from what I can gather, a follow on book to Passing On Faith, published a year ago, today. I have not read that book. I spent much of reading this book thinking that I didn't need to have read Passing On Faith, thinking I wasn't missing anything. But then, as the book caught up to the here and now, I changed my mind. I feel I SHOULD have read that book first. If only to get a better feel of what Cat and Micah have been through to get to the point where this book picks up.

2. Single person point of view.
Lord knows I say it often enough, that I MUCH prefer books written from more than one person's point of view, the more the merrier, to be honest. But I'm finding, as I give books a longer chance to grow on me, to let me fall into them, that I'm also saying, I don't care. Yes of course I wanted to here from David and Micah, I always want more, I'm just greedy like that but Cat has so much to say, even when he isn't speaking, that it didn't matter here.

3. Colouring outside the lines.
I love, love, love characters who are different, think differently, do differently. LOVE them. And Cat is quite possibly the most unique male lead I've come across. He is, in his own words, queer. His personality is, in the beginning, well established for such a young man. As the book progresses, we lose some of that, after the attack. But slowly, the old Cat re-emerges.

And it's so beautifully written! It really is awesome how Leibowitz deals with Cat's health issues. It comes across in such a way that I didn't feel I was being taught about all his ailments, like someone was just chatting about them. 

Same thing applies to Cat's faith. Yes, Cat prays and his faith is a huge part of who he is, but there is no preaching. It's all very subtle and very well executed and delivered.

I took 1/2 a star off for two reasons. 

One was the not having read Passing On Faith. The other was what happened to David. I needed more about what happened to him, and how Cat dealt with that. I felt it was just thrown in, that paragraph or two, telling of what happened to him. I really did need more about it.

I'll go back and read Passing On Faith at some point and I'd certainly jump at the chance to read other work by Leibowitz.

4.5 stars

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