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Release Day Review: The Long and Winding Road by TJ Klune
by Claire Potterton     August 11, 2017    

Such a bittersweet read.

I pick up a book in this series, and it's like coming home; I read one of Bear's crazy, rambling monologues, and it's like listening to an old friend; and no matter how many times  I read these stories, they never get old, and they never fail to delight me with every page! TJ Klune has an incredible talent for wringing every conceivable emotion out of his readers, in the space of a few pages, and this book was no exception.   There was so much laughing out loud, that my children were threatening me with the men in white coats, but  by 18% I had tears streaming down my face; the descriptive writing, absolutely gut-wrenching. This story takes a step back, and fills in some blank spaces in previous books, most notably the time that Tyson spent in college;  and the challenges he faced, were, at times really devastating to read about.  Loose ends are tied up, gaps are filled in, all the character's little pieces of the story are cemented, and to a degree, completed for us, to allow the series to come to an end.
This entire series has been a story of fighting and winning, overcoming, beating the odds, strength, courage, and so many different kinds of love. Beneath the often hilarious antics, and the, quite frankly, fantastically ridiculous conversations, the emotions that this wonderful story stirs up are immense, at times overwhelming, and something I doubt I am going to find in a series of books again.  
I have read these books many times, and i know i will read them again and again. I can't recommend this story highly enough; the tears, the laughter, the heartache, the nonsense, the romance.....just superb!!

"I guess we'll always be a little crazy, won't we?"

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