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Release Day Review: The Layover by Roe Horvat
by Truus     July 19, 2017    

Overwhelming and Beautiful

Woww  Categorized : mustread

Amazing story, refreshing way of writing, accents to details in a way I just found absolute extraordinary.
Self reflection and reflections of surroundings so sensitive and clear I couldn't get enough of it.
In some way highly romantic but not in a shallow way...there are so many strong observations put down I was utterly impressed 

"I wanted to be enough for him to say goodbye tomorrow with just a little bit of regret. That damned ego of mine."

Told by Ondro his awesome mind. When he sees Jamie from behind it's just great what we get to see because he was somewhat irritated by his appearance....but when he finally can see his face he is struck. Not only he but I as reader was so impressed by this view of Jamie. 
They miss their flight and end up together at the same hotel. 
Read the blurb and read read read it yourself!!

Ondro's inner being and struggles are sometimes heartbreaking and the/his sanctuary he finds with Jamie is....overwhelming....
I just can't get into details but believe me it's highly impressive what follows al the way is such a touching story with a lot of depth you don't want to miss.
A full intense journey with humor, sweetness, wounds, love, openness and honesty it just floored me.

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