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Release Day Review: Sometimes Love Lasts by Jake Wells

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Release Day Review: Sometimes Love Lasts by Jake Wells

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About the Author
He’s adventured through the far corners of the world, has a successful career practicing medicine, and shares his life with an amazing partner. Though eating chocolate continues to play a prominent role in his dreams, the icing on the cake has been writing about falling in love in a world where equality is only beginning to be embraced.

When he’s not playing doctor, Jake can usually be found traipsing local hiking trails with his dogs near his West Coast home, in the kitchen trying to replicate some sumptuous dish he saw on one of the cooking channels, or sipping a glass of fine red wine with his friends.
Publication Date
May 13, 2016
1634769279 (ISBN13: 9781634769273)
For Rone Forrester, life as a high school student is a roller coaster ride. Though he’s intelligent, good-looking, and athletic, true happiness eludes him. He’s lost his mother to cancer, his hypercritical father is a tyrant, and he spends most of his free time taking care of his little brother, Eli. And to make matters worse, Rone begins to have romantic feelings for his best friend, Carson Harrington.

When Rone is inadvertently outed, his life swirls into turmoil. His father’s homophobia and Rone’s embarrassment at the thought of facing Carson force him to flee to Los Angeles, where he hopes to find a safe haven. Instead, he quickly learns that every moment is dangerous for a homeless teenager. As time passes, Rone navigates through multiple challenges, makes friends who love him for who he is, works hard to achieve his goal of becoming a pediatric surgeon—with all its inherent triumphs and tragedies—and overcomes a failed relationship. Ultimately, his journey teaches him that in order to fulfill his dreams, he has to come to terms with his past.

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Beautiful novel that will leave a smile on your face
(Updated: May 13, 2016)
Sometimes Love Lasts is Jake Wells' second MM novel. Like his first release, this book is linked to the world of hospitals and medicine. In this story we follow the journey a seventeen-year-old boy takes, despite seemingly impossible odds, to achieve his dream. It is a coming of age story but also a journey into young adulthood and beyond. 

Rone Forrester has spent all his young life trying to please his, chief of police, father. Nothing he does, and no goal he achieves, seem to make him worthy of his father's approval or love. Since the death of his loving mother at the age of fourteen, Roan has almost given up trying. He devotes his life to taking care of his five-year-old brother, Eli, and studying, playing football and hanging out with his best friend, and secret crush, Carson Harrington. Biding his time until he can escape to college, away from his cold, tyrannical father, Roan just wants to leave without being outed in his small hometown. 

It only takes one misjudgement, one moment when Rone lets down his guard, locks eyes with Carson and pulls him into a kiss, for all of Rone's carefully laid plans to come crashing down. Carson is shocked and thrown from the house by Rone's father who storms into the room screaming vile homophobic taunts, and beating Rone into submission. Left alone with suicidal thoughts overwhelming him, Rone remembers his love for Eli and refuses to hurt him by going down that path. Running away feels like his only option, and so, with less than two months of high school left, Rone flees his hometown. 

Sometimes Love Lasts is the story of Rone's journey to Los Angeles, his struggle to survive in the harsh LA environment, being bought down, but also picked up, and finding friends and help in unexpected places. It is a story of heartbreak and loss, but also the inherent goodness in people and how that goodness can lead to wonderful outcomes. Roan's story is uplifting and his journey to reestablishing a family for himself was a pleasure to read. 

Sometimes Love Lasts is a heartwarming, beautiful novel that will leave a smile on your face and give you so many feels. I read it in one sitting and highly recommend it to lovers of great stories with HEA's. 

Note : All royalties from this book will be donated to the Los Angeles LGBT centres services for homeless youth. 
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