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  • Release Day Review: Silver Linings and Angel Wings by Kaden Shay

Release Day Review: Silver Linings and Angel Wings by Kaden Shay

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Release Day Review: Silver Linings and Angel Wings by Kaden Shay

Book Info

Book Series
Vampire Elite Saga #1
About the Author
Kaden Shay is a 30-something crazy-cat-lady in-the-making who currently resides in Arizona with her partner and miniature zoo, which does currently include 4 cats. When she isn't writing or playing mom to several fur-kids she's singing, playing guitar, or playing online video games.

Kaden grew up in a very musical household and was singing with her family early on in life. Having an English teacher for a dad gave her a love of the written word and encouraged her to begin her own path toward writing. She spent middle school and early high school penning poems, songs, and short stories before beginning her first book at age 16 (a project she still hasn't completed)!

Her furry family, currently consisting of two dogs, four cats, and several rodents, is always available to help her procrastinate in finishing projects. Helping that along are her favorite activities like online RPGs and karaoke.
Publication Date
July 01, 2016
210 pages
Filed on personal Goodreads/Booklikes shelves: 2016 read, Divine Magazine 2016, 4 star reads, female/female, werewolves, vampires, romance
In a world where Vampires reign and humans have two purposes, food or entertainment, can a human woman hope to become more than someone’s next meal? 

Enter the world of the Vampire Elite, a High Council of ruling Vampires who govern the world from their own blood-driven perspective. Silver, the daughter of their leader, Ayana and her Lycan mate Ianos is the world’s first and only hybrid. She’s also the future leader of the Council. With a chip on her shoulder which competes with the expanse of her mother’s sizeable territory and a disdain for human life, she is frequently the cause of problems within their ranks. 

When she finds herself sharing space with a human woman who isn’t afraid of her, who challenges her at every turn, how will she react? Will her mounting confusion about her connection to the human tear apart her last strand of self-control? Most importantly, can a hybrid who has always hated humans ever learn to love one? All these questions send ripples through Silver’s life when Angel enters the picture, turns her world upside down and makes her feel things she never thought possible.

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really enjoyed this! I need more!
(Updated: July 01, 2016)
 Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.

Silver is a hybrid, born of her vampire mother and Lycan father. She is also heir to her mother's throne. When Silver releases her wolf in a fit of temper, she nearly wipes out a whole pack. Confined to her mother's house for weeks, she relents and takes a pet, a human companion. Angel has spark, and openly glares at Silver. NO-ONE glares at Silver! Angel sets off a chain of events and emotions that Silver did not see coming.

Silver is, by her own admission, a spoilt brat but even she knows she was wrong to release the wolf, and she fully accepts her punishment. The warding keeping the wolf caged has failed and something far more drastic is needed. She needs to LISTEN to the wolf, rather than cage her. And the difference in Silver is astounding and almost immediate. I did think I wasn't going to like Silver very much but once she listens to her wolf, she is almost a difference person. And I loved that. The wolf knows who Angel is to her, thats why Silver was so against Angel in the beginning, because the wolf tried to be heard. Once she was, though, Silver the woman can see who Angel really is, her mate.

I loved all the references and appearances of the Greek Gods of old, they were amusing at points!

But I just felt I was missing something. Some history. Some information. I'm not entirely sure WHAT, just something. It says Silver's mother has been the Vampire Queen since pre-historic times, and that Silver's aunts, along with her mother, were the very first vampires. It also says the gods created the vampires and werewolves, but why?? I just needed...that...little...bit... MORE.

But this is billed as book one in this series, and maybe that which I am missing will come along in future books. I hope so. I would like to read them. I've no idea who will appear in future books, but it would be fun to catch up with Angel and Silver at a later date.

Fairly clean, but a bit bloody in places. And because we only got Silver, and no Angel...

4 solid stars

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