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rule of thirds
Books DA Debbie Attenborough April 17, 2018 330
some dark monets, but brilliant!
 Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.
 I have to admit, when I read the blurb for this book, I had no idea what AI meant, it did not click. Once it's made clear, very early on?? Well, now it made total sense! 
 Jason is suffering from PTSD and Chase and Shade are his AI companions to help with that. But not only Jason suffers, Shade does too and its left to Chase to keep everyone together. 
 Very quickly, you lose the fact that Chase and Shade are, for want of a better word, robots. They feel as much as humans do, they want all the same things. The fact that we lose that, is a testament to the skill of the author, it really is. 
 Just as Jason suffers from his torture, Shade suffers from the modifications made to him against his wishes. Shade may NEVER fully recover, but being around Jason, broken though he is, begins to bring Shade out of his trauma, just as Shade and Chase bring Jason out of his. 
 I have a soft spot for 3 way relationship, especially if they are hot and heavy. This book is NOT hot and heavy. This book is not about that. this book is EMOTIONALLY heavy, for all three men. You feel for both Shade and Jason every time something sets them off, something triggers for them. And you feel for Chase, trying to keep them all together. And you feel it, right here in your heart when Jason finally begins to let Chase and Shade in. 
 There has been a huge amount of research into PTSD for this book. You can't get the depth of felling and emotion across without a massive amount of work. Very VERY well done, Aidan Wayne!
 I haven't read anything by Wayne before, but the author is on my hit list now! 
 5 stars
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