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Release Day Review: Mr March, by Bailey Bradford

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Release Day Review: Mr March, by Bailey Bradford

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Book Series
Calendar Men #3
About the Author

I am a married mom of four who spends most of the day writing, either on stories or at the blog. I love to write as much as I love to read. I am generally quiet and laid back, choosing to let things slide off me rather than stick and irritate me.

And it's really hard trying to think of descriptives for myself, so I'll just let y'all e-mail me or comment at the blog if there's something specific you'd like to know, and spare you from reading a boring bio
Publication Date
March 06, 2018
Available Formats
ebook only
139 pages
Filed on personal Goodreads shelves: 5 star read 2018, Divine Magazine 2018, read 2018, male/,male, shifters, romance, crime, 
Curiosity didn’t kill this cat…

Jason Eddings is a foreman for a construction company by day and a mountain lion at night. He got suckered into doing a calendar shoot when he lost a bet to his sister. Little did he know that his sister Joy was hoping to set him up with Gregg, another man on the calendar shoot. That never happened because Gregg met Albert.

Jason’s posing for Mr. March, working, and running from some memories, and maybe even himself. One night, he runs right into a tranquilizer dart. When he wakes up at a wildlife refuge, he finds himself intrigued by the veterinarian who is watching him.

Casey’s not only a newly graduated veterinarian, he’s also a shifter. He doesn’t advertise it and he works to smell like a human because of an incident that happened years ago. He thought there was something special about the mountain lion, but he didn’t have a clue how much his life was about to change.

Editor reviews

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fabulous sexy read!
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book .

It's only a matter a time, you know, before a book in a series tips you one way or the other. It tips you up to that five star read, or down to three and you really don't want to read any more. 

This one?? 5 star read people! 

I said in my review for February, that I liked that the shifter element was just sort of there, it wasn't a major part of the story. But here, the shifter part is a MASSIVE part of the story! Go figure, huh! 

Jason is Mr March, and they have just finished up shooting on Arturo's land. There is a bit of an overlap between February and March's books. Waking up in someone else's bed, Jason can't remember how he got there, but he CAN remember the vet who looked after his lion form. Casey is a vet at the refuge that Jason's cat is bought to, but there is something bigger going on, and it will take some digging to get to just what. 

I loved Jason's sisters, and their teasing of Jason. Loved Jessica too. Jason and Casey have a huge network of support and they need it, especially when they find out what is really going on! 

It's not an overly complicated book, nor is it graphic or explicit, but I really LOVED that it wasn't! It's a really great read, and I read this in one sitting, at 1130 at night. Good job I did not have work this morning! 

The shoot is now slowly shifting from single nekkid guys for each month, to a couple for each month. Still not sure it will get published, but it's great fun watching it, either way. 

I would like to know more about how Perry's dad is, since he was the original photographer. He;s dealing with some heavy stuff and it would be nice to catch up with him, even if it's just a bit more than we get here. 

Fabulous, sexy, read

5 stars

**same worded review will appear elsewhere** 
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