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  • Release Day Review: Love In The Line Of Fire by Michael Murphy

Release Day Review: Love In The Line Of Fire by Michael Murphy

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Release Day Review: Love In The Line Of Fire by Michael Murphy

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About the Author
In a world of so many things, how do you settle on just a few? All my life I've been interested in everything around me, wanting to see new places, meet new people, tell new stories. Writing has been the culmination of a long term dream. Being a part of the Dreamspinner family is priceless beyond compare. Anytime I'm asked the question of who I am I have to stop and try to decide how in the world to answer. I might biologically be middle age, but inside I feel like a randy teenager anxious to explore the world. Dreams of writing have been a part of my life since I was five years old. Two of the greatest influences on me as I was growing up were my two grandmothers. Both were strong women who had unbelievable burdens thrust upon them when they were widowed very early in life. Both of these incredible women loved stories. They loved reading stories and telling stories, and the stories they had to tell were incredible. For as long as I can remember I've been writing stories. What has been different over the last five years is that I've finally been brave enough to allow someone else to read what I'd written. When that happened I found that others liked what I'd written which made me beyond happy. In addition to writing, my other love is photography. Taking photos of some of the beautiful men of the world is my current focus. With any luck, one of those photos will grace the cover of a Dreamspinner novel in the near future. My partner and I have traveled the world, trying to see as much as possible. When not traveling, we live in Washington, DC with our best friend, a throw-away dog we adopted twelve years ago. To pay the bills, I am Director of Information Technology for a national organization based in Washington, DC. While I'd rather be writing full-time, I haven't figured out how to make that a viable option - yet. Please stop by to learn more.
Publication Date
January 23, 2017
Available Formats
ePub, mobi, pdf
Agent Jonah Pratt heads the Secret Service team guarding the President’s husband. When a routine day turns into a dangerous assassination attempt, the stranger who dives into the melee and takes down the assassin complicates the situation, sparking Jonah’s anger.

Just back from multiple tours of duty in Iraq, Benji hides the fact that he brought the war home with him and that it continues to haunt him. His actions in stopping the would-be assassin are more instinct than strategy. And his first conversation with a furious Jonah doesn’t end well.

Losing a member of his team turns Jonah’s world upside down. And if Benji seems to know exactly what Jonah is experiencing, it’s because he went through the same thing in combat. Jonah’s work consumes him, leaving little room in his life for anything else, and Benji focuses on his studies, working to keep his nightmares at bay. But when they get together, Jonah and Benji recognize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for love and happiness—one worth fighting for.

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Surprisingly sweet romance
This book is incredibly sweet......surprisingly so, although not an unpleasant surprise! 
The story begins pretty dramatically, with an event seriously affecting Jonah, who I found to be a very appealing character from the word go. The upside to the trauma comes in the form of Benji! Sweet, funny, compassionate Benji, battling his own demons whilst providing Jonah with a friend, a shoulder, an understanding  ear.

The relationship that develops between these two is nothing short of adorable....a little at odds maybe with what you would expect from the Secret Service and the military, but a lovely example of why you should never judge a book by its cover! A fairly slow build, with lots of incredible sexy talk, eventually leads to some wonderful, hot, steamy scenes. Lots of steamy scenes, that whilst incredibly well done, came a little too thick and fast for my personal taste at times.

This story isn't without its drama and angst......infuriating, maddening fear and misunderstandings that had me longing to yell at the boys. Of course they didn't need me, they got there by themselves, but the journey was beautifully done, engaging, flowing writing that kept me turning pages. 

A quite different tone to the story than I was expecting, having read The President's Husband, but nevertheless an entertaining, enjoyable read.

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