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Release Day Review - Hoofbeats by A.J. Marcus and Nicole Godfrey

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Release Day Review - Hoofbeats by A.J. Marcus and Nicole Godfrey

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About the Author
A.J. Marcus has been writing to pass the time since high school. The stories he wrote helped him deal with life. A few years ago, he started sharing those stories with friends who enjoyed them, and he has started sending his works out into the world to share with other people. He lives in the mountains with his extremely supportive lover. They have a lot of critters, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, and rabbits. When not writing, A.J. spends a lot of time hiking, trail riding or just driving in the mountains. Nature provides a lot of inspiration for his work, and keeps him writing. He is also an avid photographer and falconer; don’t get him started talking about his birds because he won’t stop for a while.

Nicole Godfrey is a writer who calls the beautiful city of Colorado Springs home, along with her fury children. She was born in Omaha, NE. and has lived in Florida and Tennessee. Her writing career started with poetry at a young age, leading to her first publication at the age of twelve. Poetry eventually evolved into the love of story telling, and any good story, no matter the genre, is open to her creative mind. She has two short stories published through Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group; A Page Lost in An Uncommon Collection, and The Power of the Word in Remnants and Resolutions: Tales of Survival.
When she's not writing, Nicole actively participates in Amtgard and loves to play table-top RPG's. Art has also been apart of her life since a young age, so she spends as much time as possible playing with different mediums.
Publication Date
February 12, 2016
204 pages
Filed on personal Goodreads shelves: 2016 reads, Divine Magazine 2016, shifters, male/male, romance, darker/grittier.
After a run of bad luck, gifted horse trainer Cole Frasier thinks he’s lost his touch. When he’s offered three times his normal rate to gentle a stallion, he needs the money badly enough he jumps at the opportunity, even if his boss is of questionable morality.

Once he meets Midnight Blood, he knows there’s something special about the horse, but he doesn’t know how special until he begins sharing dreams with the magnificent steed.

Derek Dancing Hawk is a horse shifter trapped in his horse form due to guilt over losing the wild herd he was guarding. When he meets Cole, as Midnight Blood, he wants to find a way to be human again. During a fight between Cole and the ranch foreman, he manages to shift and save Cole, but his transformation from horse to human is captured on camera. This not only gives Cole’s boss blackmail material, but also creates the need to warn the horse shifter council of the threat to their anonymity. The existence of shifters is a closely guarded secret, one they will go to great lengths to keep.

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Different and different is always good!
(Updated: February 12, 2016)
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.

Trapped in his horse form for five years as Midnight Blood, Derek reacts to  this new human. To his voice, his touch, his very soul. Cole knows there  is something very special about his new charge and its not until Cole is attacked that Derek shows his human form and is able to break free of losing his herd. But the transformation from beats to man leads to more complications, much deadly ones that neither Derek nor Cole could foresee.

Horse shifters are not something I've come across before, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one! Add in the Native American history/legends, and the male/male aspect and ding ding ding! We have a winner, for me anyway!

I loved the distinction between Derek and Midnight Blood, the way they think, move, characteristics.

I loved that we never got the full picture about Elizabeth and what she is. Loved all the cast of supporting characters too.

What I didn't like was Lopez and how that all went down. I just think it could have been much much worse, and the story didn't fully exploit that.

I'd like to read more about Derek and Cole, further along in their story. I think they have more to say. I'm left wondering about other people in this book, Elizabeth, especially, but there are lots of quirky people here, and I'd really like more!

I've not read anything by these two authors, either separately or together and I would like to read more. I liked the way they write, and how they come across. 

4 solid stars

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