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Release Day Review: Crisped & Sere, by T.J. Klune

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Book Info

Book Series
Immemorial Year #2
About the Author
When TJ Klune was eight, he picked up a pen and paper and began to write his first story (which turned out to be his own sweeping epic version of the video game Super Metroid—he didn't think the game ended very well and wanted to offer his own take on it. He never heard back from the video game company, much to his chagrin). Now, two decades later, the cast of characters in his head have only gotten louder, wondering why he has to go to work as a claims examiner for an insurance company during the day when he could just stay home and write. 

He lives with a neurotic cat in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. It’s hot there, but he doesn’t mind. He dreams about one day standing at Stonehenge, just so he can say he did.
Publication Date
August 23, 2016
Content Warning
WARNING: cannibalism, rape – both mentioned very briefly and not in detail. Violence.
Twenty-one days.

In a world ravaged by fire and descending into madness, Cavalo has been given an ultimatum by the dark man known as Patrick: return Lucas to him and the cannibalistic Dead Rabbits, or the town of Cottonwood and its inhabitants will be destroyed.

But Lucas has a secret embedded into his skin that promises to forever alter the shape of things to come—a secret that Cavalo must decide if it’s worth dying over, even as he wrestles with his own growing attraction to the muted psychopath.

Twenty-one days.

Cavalo has twenty-one days to prepare for war. Twenty-one days to hold what is left of his shredded sanity together. Twenty-one days to convince the people of Cottonwood to rise up and fight back. Twenty-one days to unravel the meaning behind the marks that cover Lucas.

A meaning that leads to a single word and a place of unimaginable power: Dworshak.

Editor reviews

1 reviews

Cover – Brilliant!
POV – 3rd person, 1 character
Would I read it again – Yes!!!!
Genre – LGBT, Apocalypse, Science Fiction, Adventure


It is very rare that a first book in a series is followed by a story that is even better. It's even more rare that a robot can make me blubber like a baby and mean just as much to me as a human character. However, Crisped & Sere managed to do both these things. Eclipsing the brilliance of Withered & Sere, Crisped & Sere is a roller coaster ride of conflicting emotions; rage, love, joy, burning fire and stunned silence.

The fact that this story picked up right after the events of book 1 was made all the better because I decided to re-read book 1 before delving into this, to make sure I remembered all the little important details. This was a great bonus, re-submerging myself into the story and the characters, but you could easily read book 2 after months or a year of reading book 1 and never be confused. Though nothing is re-hashed in detail, thankfully, you're left with the same essence and flow that I loved so much in book 1. Not only that, but there are little things that jog your memory, without going overboard.

With a returning cast from book 1, it was a delight to meet some new characters and explore their role in Cavalo's journey. Though I don't want to give any spoilers away, I will say that I was pleasantly shocked and surprised by the secrets some characters from book 1 were keeping and the way the author let the truth trickle out in that tantalizingly brilliant way of theirs.

Another great thing about reading book 1 immediately before delving into this was that a second read allowed me to notice more easily that SIRS's moments of insanity were really nothing of the sort. I always had a good giggle at his ridiculousness when I first read book 1, but this time around and, more evidently in book 2, I was able to see the sense and logic of what he was belting out in his moments of insanity. Even when no one realised it, SIRS knew so much more than he let on, as he so aptly put it in book 1:
“It has taken losing my mind to find my soul.”

The revelations that came about Lucas, the Dead Rabbit, blew me off my feet even though I'd suspected such a thing in my wilder moments of speculation. The way his character evolved and brought a whole new element to Cavalo's insanity was both charming and wonderful. To see these two crazy people finding their sanity within each other – escaping the bees – even if just for a moment, was beautiful. As was the ever growing and building romance that blossomed between them. Not to mention the hot sex.

For me, the bees are practically a character of their own. From Warren to Jaime, their presence added some mystery and a supernatural element to Cavalo's experiences. There can be no doubt that some “higher power”, even if it is only the bees swarming inside Cavalo's insanity, led Cavalo to his destiny. And, in the following books, will very likely lead him to his future.

The world building and plot exploration is second to none. Though Immemorial Year is my first foray into T.J. Klune's genius, I had already decided by the end of book 1 that they had become an auto-buy author and someone I would never hesitate to pick up, when I needed a good read. Crisped & Sere has just catapulted that love astronomically. It's been a long time since I was so encapsulated by a series and the characters involved that I read every space second I could, rather than waiting for the next convenient time that I could binge read for an entire day. There was no waiting here. There was no chance of it. I had to know what was happening, I had to read more, even if I only had a spare five minutes to read a few pages. Waiting was torture.

Down sides? It was an ARC, so there were the expected pre-edit issues of missing words, spelling mistakes and such. But, to be quite honest, I stumbled over them neatly, always able to make sense of what was happening or being said, without them. They were non important and I know, for sure, that they'll be corrected in the final proof.


Overall, the genius of this series will stay with me for a long time. Each time a new book comes out, you know I'll be grabbing my copies of the previous ones to binge read them in order. Not because it's needed or because I've forgotten anything, but just because it's so much more fun to revisit Cavalo and Lucas time and time again, reliving their 'moments', reliving the heat, the fire and the insanity.

And you can be damned sure that though this is the first time I've cried over a robot, I doubt T.J. Klune will let it be the last. And, strangely enough, I'm okay with that.

As long as they keep writing books, I'll keep reading them. And that “holy shit!” ending? Well, I'll be first in line to buy books 3 and 4 (and any more they want to write) in this series. Because the minute I read that last little paragraph, from the author, you know I was practically sobbing in relief.


Favourite Quotes

I practically highlighted the entire book, but I will share my favourites, because they're the ones that will stay with me the longest:

““You okay?” he asked Bad Dog as he turned in circles before laying down on the blanket.
Head hurts, he said. He looked at Cavalo with big eyes. Some jerky would help.
“Would it?”
“I don't know if we have any jerky.”
There's a whole bag in your pack. I can smell it.
“Can you? You must be feeling better, then.”
I can barely smell it, Bad Dog corrected. He whined and lay his head down on his paws. Getting...dark. Must have...rabbit jerky.

“His heart was dark. He had murder in his eyes and death on his lips.”

“He was my son, and he died fighting for something good. I am going to go home and stand upon his grave, and I will rant. I will rave. I will suffer. But I will know why it happened. And one day, I will be able to remember him with nothing but an ache and a smile.”

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