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  • Release Day Review : Caught in the Crossfire, Michael Mandrake

Release Day Review : Caught in the Crossfire, Michael Mandrake

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caught in the crossfire

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Book Series
About the Author

 Michael Mandrake pens complex characters already comfortable with their sexuality. Thorough these, he builds worlds not centered on erotica but rather the mainstream plots we might encounter in everyday life through personal experiences or the media.
Publication Date
March 27, 2018
Available Formats
ebook only
221 pages
Content Warning
Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence and homophobia.
Filed on personal Goodreads/Booklikes shelves : read 2018, 4 stars 2018, Divine Magazine 2018, male/male, multi partners, military/police dudes, romance, darker/grittier
Musician Bastien Desmarais is thrust into danger, but he’ll have a chance at love—not once, but twice.

Tryst Olivares AKA Domingo Macaya was hired by PROTEKT to guard superstar Bastien Desmarais because of threats he’d received. However, Domingo has an ulterior motive with no intention of following through. Instead, he has other plans that don’t involve the popular entertainer.

Normally independent of security, Bastien sees this move to hire a bodyguard as a hindrance, but he’ll make the best out of it. Why not have fun, especially since Tryst’s got the look Bastien appreciates?

In the midst of searching for a world-renowned felon, Claudius Peltier is very busy. But even this mission can’t deter his infatuation with Bastien. After years hiding his true self, Claudius won’t turn down the opportunity to be something more than the singer’s number one fan.

Three paths cross, leading them all down a very dangerous road. If they can survive this mission to catch a dangerous criminal, they can survive just about anything. 

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence and homophobia.

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but for that missing nforamtion....
 Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book. 
 Tryst is new to PROTEKT, and is sent to "babysit the pop tart". Bastien finds himself attracted to Tryst, but equally to Claudius, the guy who saved his life. Bastien is, however, in the middle of something far bigger than even his books could give him. 
 This is book 3 in the PROTEKT series. I have not read books one, On The Run, or book 2, Closely Guarded and I think maybe I should have done. While everything becomes clearer as to what's happening in THIS book, I wanted to know BEFORE. I wanted to know how Tryst came to PROTEKT, how the others guys knew just what he was really up to. I NEEDED that information, and it isn't fully recapped here.
 THAT said, I rather enjoyed this, the first I've read of Mr Mandrake. Three very different guys, from very different backgrounds, are thrown together, and neither one is strong enough to keep away from the other. 
 It's very well told, from all three guys point of view. I saw no spelling or editing errors. I read it in one sitting, a little over the hour mark. Fully engrossed, I was! 
 I liked how it all played out, LOVED who the informant was! Did not see that one coming! Loved that the bad guy gets his come-uppence, and by whom! Well played there, Mr Mandrake, very well played. 
 I'd like to go back and read the other two books. just to fill in those missing pieces of information that I am missing. Maybe I'll come back and re-read this one after (don't die of shock, I'm so not a re-reader! ) I just need to know how Tryst came to PROTEKT, really! 
 Thank you, Mr Mandrake, for an enjoyable 75 minutes. 
 4 solid stars (but had I all the information, might have been 5!)
 **same worded review will appear elsewhere** 
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