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Release Day Review: Carry Me Home by Sterling Rivers

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Release Day Review: Carry Me Home by Sterling Rivers
After his mom dies, Aiden Price returns to Texas to deal with the aftermath. Amidst disapproving family and painful memories, Aiden finds solace in love letters he discovers in his mom’s attic. Needing a change when his sexual orientation is unexpectedly revealed and his dad rejects him, Aiden sets out on a journey to Montana to find the mysterious author of the letters. There he meets Cody Bannar, who volunteers to be his guide.

Cody had a rough start in life but after being adopted into a huge, loving family, he lives out and proud, unafraid of what others think about his sexuality.

Aiden and Cody hit it off and Aiden is welcomed into Cody’s family with open arms. As they continue on their quest, they begin to fall in love, but Aiden isn’t ready to commit to Cody, or to embrace who he is.

Not until after the truth behind the love letters is revealed does Aiden realize his mom would have wanted him to follow his heart. And home is where the heart is—firmly in Cody’s hands.

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Great read, characters are amazing.
(Updated: February 09, 2016)
 Aiden is trying to come to terms with his mother's death. While cleaning  out the house he comes upon a military locker in the attic and when going thru it he finds letters from someone in the beginning he thought was a woman's letters to his great uncle but further investigating he finds out they are from a man.  Being a gay man himself, he can only imagine how life for these two would have been back during the 50's.  When he is confronted by his father about his sexual orientation, life has pushed Aiden and he feels a need to try to find Bibby and help give closure to someone.
While in Montana, Aiden meets Cody who has agreed to help him in his search for his missing relative.  These two start to form a bond but Aiden knows it will be short lived once they find what they are looking for and he heads back to Texas. Secrets will be revealed, truths will be told but is Aiden going to walk away from a life worth living to go back to not living at all.

I truly love the dimensions of these characters, the feelings Sterling pulls from you to were you are actually rooting for them to find Bibby.  Great read, characters are amazing.      

I give this book 4.5 stars.   Would love to see more about this couple,

Was given a copy for a honest review
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