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A Royal Miracle

I was pleasantly surprised with this book.  Having not been a fan of the first in the series, I was uncertain, but went into it with an open mind, and found that I fell hard for Jaycob and Averie.  However, I also found I had a difficult time transitioning the five-year-old Jaycob in book two into the eighteen-year-old in book three in my mind. That is on me, but do keep that age leap in mind.
Jaycob has been a magickal prodigy since his birth, and indeed, even prior to it. At the cusp of his eighteenth birthday, he is fully transitioned as a vampire adult, yet still retains the innocence of his youth.
Averie has lived rough, squatting in condemned buildings and doing whatever is necessary to keep his ragtag group of friends together. At just a touch older than Jaycob, he is more world weary and the luster of naiveté fled his world many years prior.
Watching these two young men struggle to come together is as awe-inspiring as it is heartbreaking. Each with his own heavy burdens to bear, staying together could be as difficult as separating. The story is a constant emotional push-pull as Jaycob and Averie circle one another, and while Averie believes Jaycob is safer apart from him, Jaycob couldn’t disagree more.
The timeline is a bit jumpy, so I appreciate that the author uses actual dates at the beginning of chapters to help keep me straight. The star-crossed lovers theme was done in a refreshingly sweet way, in that the pauper is trying to rescue the prince (mostly from himself).
The characters are plentiful. If you have not read the first two books, I highly suggest you do so, as this book assumes you know who all these varying characters are.  From family to friends to chess players in brothels, the secondary and tertiary characters add so much to the whole.
The chemistry is strong, though it is a very slow build romance (something I appreciated because of that age thing I mentioned up top). However, I was a little put off by the overall floweriness of their first sexual encounter. My brain can’t reconcile two teenage virgins being that sappy.  That’s just my opinion – your mileage may vary.
By the end of the novel, I was cheering for the two young men and all that they had surpassed, as well as what was to come next (want to know? read the book!). I feel blessed that the author requested me to read, even knowing my apathy toward the first book, because it gave me the opportunity to read the first two with fresh eyes.  
I am rating this at 3.5 stars, rounding up for sites that don’t accept halves, and if you like sweet with a little angst in your fantasy books, I can happily recommend this, and you will enjoy it. 

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