• Reflection of a Curse, by Lissa Kasey

Reflection of a Curse, by Lissa Kasey

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Reflection of a Curse, by Lissa Kasey

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Book Series
Romancing a Curse, Book 3
About the Author
Lissa Kasey is Ace/Aro and NB. Anti-LGBTQIA+ need not read. Lissa is more than just romance. Lissa specializes in depth characters, detailed world building, and twisting plots to keep you clinging to your book reader. All stories have a side of romance, emotionally messed up protagonists and feature LGBTQA spectrum characters facing real world problems no matter how fictional the story.
Publication Date
January 20, 2022
Available Formats
Kindle, KU, mobi
Content Warning
 references to PTSD, anxiety, grief, depression, recovery from Covid-19, loss of a pet
A manor filled with secrets is Brand’s last hope for recovery, and maybe love.

After a yearlong battle with declining health, Brand is offered the opportunity to live and work building a small home community in Upstate New York, and reconnecting with his best friend. But Brand is a long way from recovered and doesn’t know if he’ll actually be able to do the job.

Law thought he escaped small town life, and was on the verge of adding to his list of rehab skills when everything shut down. Now he’s in limbo, unable to work with suspended certificates, and back home with a family curse he’d like to keep secret.

Brand needs more than just a physical therapist. And Law is looking for a place to belong. When the truth is revealed, can the two of them find love, despite the mysteries and curses that plague their past?

Editor review

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A Moving Journey
 3rd person, single character POV
 Themes: curse, age gap, PTSD, Covid-19 recovery, anxiety, depression
 Genre: MM, Romance, PNR, Shifter

World-Building: ★★★☆☆
Heat: ★★★☆☆
Chemistry: ★★★★☆
Plot: ★★★★☆
Romance: ★★★★☆


Reflection of a Curse is the first book of the Romancing a Curse series told in third person. It focuses on our MC, Brand – an old friend of Montana's, mentioned in Book 2 – who is recovering from Covid. His struggle is long, hard and often brutal.

To start off, I want to say that I really connected to Brand, because my side-effects from chemo/cancer as a teen left me with a lot of the same problems Brand is struggling through. The mental battle of no longer being who you were, of losing friends, even the physical limitations he suffers are VERY common to what I've been through. Even the weak bones, struggling to breathe, and finding simple tasks very hard to complete without help. I've experienced the mental struggle, the therapy, the PT, and the internal battle of finding a new me, and finding the strength to ask for help when I needed it.

So, for me, Brand was extremely relatable, and I seriously applaud Kasey for the excellent, realistic exploration of those issues. Having experienced them, I can say she wrote them with accuracy and with a sympathetic understanding that let me be fully immersed in the story.
I do think, however, that more time was given to Brand's struggles with Covid than to the curse aspect of the story, and that's where I struggled. As a Scot, I knew exactly what the curse was from the first mention of a horse, but the story didn't actually explore that aspect of the plot until around 85%, which felt far too late for my liking. I much preferred the trickle of information within Books 1 and 2 that let the curse BE the main point of the story, and the relationship secondary. Here, I felt that Brand's recovery came first, the relationship came second, and the curse got a little lost in all the details.

The plotting was a lot slower than other books, for that reason. Focusing on Brand's recovery meant that his physical progression and struggles took precedence and needed time. With Law as his physical therapist, their relationship has time to grow and enjoy a slow burn, but it's really slow. At times, it feels like nothing much is happening other than Brand's recovery, with barely 2-3 minor mentions of a vague 'horse' in the first 50% of the book. Because of that slower pace, and focusing on Brand's recovery first, it feels like the curse is forgotten about until the very end.

HOWEVER...saying that, I do feel that Brand's journey was important, strong and really well explored. I felt that his journey warranted the slower pace, and that it gave him time to open up to Law, and to the others, as well as giving their relationship time to progress naturally. Having shared that journey, I can understand and support the length of time it took to get there.
As a new character, Brand needed time to be revealed, especially as he had done a flip from his old-self to a new-self, because of his journey so far. Going from a selfish, rich, egoist Influencer, to a poor, broken man who second guesses every good thing, I feel like we had ample time to connect to him and feel empathy for his struggles.
I think the use of 3rd person could have allowed a dual POV, for Law to be better explored on page. I was really intrigued by his journey and family, but felt that it wasn't as well explored as I would have liked. I wanted to know more, especially for the sake of the curse, which was meant to be an integral part of the story and the series.

Reflection of a Curse is a solid addition to the series. Brand's journey is really strong, and I loved his chemistry with Law. Law's secret – the curse – wasn't explored as well as the previous books. However, I think Brand's story warranted that.
The ending of the book hints at another book to come, with Zach finding a replacement for Mr Yamamoto (kind of forgotten about, in Books 2 and 3), calling them another 'new rescue'. And I'll be there for the next book, for sure.


 Favourite Quote

 “Being sick, or even having a disability, doesn’t make you less. It doesn’t make you unlovable, or not human. It’s okay to feel, to learn, to explore, and live. Stop denying yourself the chance to enjoy life because you’re too afraid of being a burden to someone. You are not required to be anything to exist. So maybe just be you?”

 “Can I touch?” Law asked, his fingers hovering above the waistband of Brand’s sleep pants. Brand struggled to breathe for a minute as he thought of Law touching him, Law’s mouth on him, would he survive? “Brand?” Law asked softly.
 “I might die,” Brand whispered.
 Law gave him a small, sexy smile. “From being touched?”
 Brand nodded.
 “But you want to be touched, even if you might expire.”
 Brand nodded again.
 “I’m CPR certified,” Law teased. “Might have to give you mouth to mouth…”
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