Reasons To Hire a Calligrapher for Your Wedding Invitations
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Reasons To Hire a Calligrapher for Your Wedding Invitations

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Wedding planning can swallow up a year of time, from choosing and booking a venue, selecting a dress, and finding a florist. Most couples agree on a style for the big day, opting for a formal or casual event, and a large or small guest list. Your wedding invitation is the first public expression of the style you’ve selected. They provide your guests with a first impression of the type of event they’re being asked to attend. Professional calligraphers play a big role in helping you get the invitations you want in the style that best expresses the tone for your event. Consider these reasons to hire a calligrapher for your wedding invitations.


Professional calligraphers spent a lot of time practicing to perfect strokes that reflect different styles. They develop muscles specific to creating consistent upward and downward strokes, loops, and flourishes. They know a lot about weddings and can remind you that in addition to addressing envelopes, they can provide place cards and menus in the same style. This creates a unified suite of paper goods for your event, perfectly expressing the ethos of the day.


Addressing envelopes is labor intensive and time consuming. Couples immersed in all the aspects of wedding planning can become overwhelmed and exhausted at the prospect of addressing hundreds of envelopes by hand. Calligraphers take care of the task while the bride and groom attend to wedding showers (and associated thank you notes), menu planning, floral selections, and dress codes for their bridesmaids and groomsmen.


Etiquette is a delicate matter. While many guests won’t understand all the protocols that apply to addressing a wedding invitation, they’ll notice if something is amiss in how their title is handled on the invitation. Determining how to address a doctor, judge, or diplomat, or an entire household composed of adults and children, is something a professional calligrapher understands.


Using a calligrapher to address your wedding invitations grabs your guests’ attention in a delightful way. Hand addressed wedding invitations make guests feel honored and special. Getting that fat wedding invitation in the mail is an event, but seeing how carefully and beautifully the envelope is addressed makes guests feel included in an extra-special way. The invitation and the envelope become treasured keepsakes of the event, in a way that a digital or printed invitation just can’t match. Calligraphers know how to use different writing instruments and varieties of ink that’ll work with the paper you’ve selected from your stationery to create a lasting impression and a memento of your special day.

Reasons To Hire a Calligrapher for Your Wedding Invitations
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