It’s a Guy Thing: Reasons to Become a Gentleman Gardener

As the old saying goes, ladies love a man with a tool belt. It implies that they are able to swoop in and fix things, being handymen and all. But no one ever defines what kind of a tool belt it has to be. So, being a gardener, for instance, you can retain your rugged reputation while you also devote some time to your favorite hobby: because, let’s face it, fiddling with plants, tending to a garden, and spending time in greenery gives you that inexplicable Zen.

Plus, there’s the added perk of not smelling like gasoline every time you’re finished with your project. That must add to the appeal for the fairer sex, at least one would assume. However, if you need further inspiration to move forward with this new hobby of yours, let’s go over another batch of great reasons you should try your hand at gardening. Not only is it manly as hell, but it can bring a slew of other benefits to your life, as well.

The peace and quiet 

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The process of grabbing a shovel and preparing the flower bed for some stunning roses may not sound all that exhilarating to any male specimen, and yet, it can have the same liberating effect of hitting the gym and spending an hour on a punching bag practicing your best uppercuts and jabs. Only this time without the fragrant effect of other male specimens sharing their bodily fluids in copious amounts on the gym floor and the equipment. Let’s call it a simpler, cleaner way to pump out some of that negativity.

In fact, it seems that gardening is a perfect method to add some mindful meditation into your life without trying out any uncomfortable lotus flower positions. The act of planting new life in the form of colorful flowers and bushes, or tending to your entire landscape, is a refreshing way to take your mind off things. Try it, you’ll quickly find that you’re not pondering over a client’s unreasonable demand.

The libido boost

Now this one is most likely a surprise to most men who don’t view gardening as a manly endeavor, or at least not yet. Studies have shown that gardening has the potential to reduce the risk of impotence by 38%, if you indeed devote at least half an hour a day to this activity, five days every week. If anything will push a man to become an instant Ferdinand, it’s the ability to protect your manhood.

The relationship between gardening and your libido seems to be a simple, but very effective one: gardening serves as a workout for your entire body, improving your circulation and your mindset, enough to help you perform in the bedroom. Some men experience erectile dysfunction as a psychological issue, meaning that it’s caused primarily by stress, and this greenery-surrounded meditation pad is a perfect way to get your cortisol levels down. Then again, if there’s an underlying physical culprit such as worsening blood flow, gardening is the perfect moderate exercise model to get you up and running, so to speak.

The lumberjack rap 


In addition to creating the cult of the surfer boys, Australia is heavily responsible for boosting the popularity of the well-known lumberjack image. Now, while you may assume that every man can pull off a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans, nothing vivifies the image more than actually doing some good old manual labor. And Down Under, they know how to turn even simple landscaping into a wrestling match with a shark – or a mighty exhibition of prowess, that is.

You’ll see men seek out various power tools from reputable vendors such as Green Acres Mowers and transform a regular mowing routine into a manly spectacle. From chainsaws, lawn mowers, all the way to protective gear for tackling that massive branch dangerously dangling from the backyard tree, men can indeed earn the lumberjack reputation by spending a few hours in the yard every day.

The urge to create 

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Another globally acknowledged truth is that ladies love a man with a soft, teddy bear side. In addition to being protective and able, men who show a genuine desire to nurture and care for others truly make for better partners throughout life. If you find yourself in need to express that creative, nurturing side of yours, this is just a gentle reminder that this urge is as manly as the urge to use a chainsaw in the battle against a branch.

If you enjoy the delicate work and the attention a flowerbed requires, you’re not the only one. Creativity is an innately human trait, one that we tend to suffocate as we grow older, but gardening and landscaping offer that simple pleasure without any trouble. Listen to your gut, and go out to build your own backyard oasis.

Finally, growing things often provides a man with an added sense of purpose, whether you decide to grow your own herbs and vegetables, or you simply want to surprise your loved one with a fresh vase of colourful flowers every several days. Gardening has always been one of the simplest, most rewarding ways to reconnect with yourself, nature, and those around you, so make sure you give it a try and see if it fits into your life.

Written by Cooper Klein

Cooper Klein is a bearded dad from Sydney, Australia. He's interested in psychology, interior design, and all things fitness. When he's not reading sci-fi books or playing with his kiddos, he's working as an author for Smooth Decorator, The Beard Mag, Twisted Male Mag, and other online magazines. You can find him on Twitter

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