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Rearranging Stars by Diane Adams

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Rearranging Stars by Diane Adams

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Diane Adams lives in the southern United States. Hers is a modest home complete with an artistic teenage daughter and a couple of fat, spoiled guinea pigs. She works full-time in a clerical position for a local hospital and spends many hours when she’s not at work chauffeuring her remaining chick. Those two activities are time-consuming and don’t leave a lot room for writing, but she squeezes it in somehow. Diane loves to write. She first began writing way (way) back in high school, a hobby that fell by the wayside as life moved on. Later in life it was the discovery of fan fiction that reawakened her need to express herself through the written word. She took to writing slash like a fish to water and soon tried her hand at writing a bit of original fiction. There was enough interest in those early stories that, along with a lot of encouragement from good friends, she gathered enough courage to submit a few short stories for publication. Diane was quite amazed when they were accepted, though her friends claimed not to be surprised at all. Now, even though several books followed the short stories, she still struggles for courage to push Send on a brand-new submission. In fact, she thinks writing for publication is a lot like riding a rollercoaster with all the accompanying nerves and belly swoops. The thrill is addictive, and so despite the ups and downs of being an author, Diane has settled comfortably into her niche writing gay romance. The modest success of her books over the years has made publishing a rewarding experience. She’s received some critical acclaim, and in 2014 one of her books was recognized in the Rainbow Awards. She is looking forward eagerly to find out what comes next.
Publication Date
August 26, 2015
The freedom to love comes with a cost. As a guardian angel, Drake’s destiny is written in the stars.

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Atheist Angels???
I am a huge fan of angels but before I started Rearranging Stars it had been some time since I had read a story about the heavenly beings.
Drake only ever protects gay males, though is in the unfortunate position of having the last ten young men in his care commit suicide (this is an interesting observation by Diane Adams which I would like to have seen followed-up). Unlike his fellow angels Drake refuses to forget those he has protected.
Drake appears to take his duty as a guardian more seriously than his comrades,
"Guarding is why I am. Everyone has a destiny written in the stars, the thing about their life that cannot be changed. I am a guardian. We watch over humans, keep you safe to fulfill your purpose."
This is until he replaces an angel who has chosen to go corporeal in Hawaii, as Grey's protector. We immediately recognise that Drake's relationship with Grey is different, mainly because Grey can actually talk to and even touch Drake, but also there is a strange sexual chemistry between them.
The more time the angel spends with Grey, he grows to understand the concepts of choice - and love.
The first part of Rearranging Stars, in which the two protagonists establish the foundations of their relationship, is well thought-out by Diane Adams. I particularly enjoyed the way both angel and man learn from each other and alter their attitudes accordingly.
However, following the lightning-bolt moment in their lives, I felt there was a shift in the story. I became frustrated at the constant 'I love yous', as well as the fact that now Drake has an unattractive vulnerability.
Diane Adams' story touches upon some interesting concepts though frustratingly the pace of her writing slows as the story develops. Rearranging Stars is worth a read although in my opinion it only receives an average rating.
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