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Rainbow Road, Your Guide To Organizing An Amazing LGBTQ Event

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It’s one thing to attend the event and have a good time with the rest of the punters. It’s another thing entirely, to be involved from the ground up with all the planning and preparation. Being included in the organization of an LGBT event can be a real eye opener. If you are up for the challenge, then check out our guide below.


Whether you are hosting something like The Dinah, a Pride celebration, or a smaller event, it’s important to plan it well.  The first thing that you need to consider is what the overall goal is. Is it to make money, promote LGBT awareness or equal marriage rights? Whichever goal you choose, it’s important that your message stands out in all of your publicity. Don’t let it get lost in the hubbub of the event.


The next thing that you need to decide on is preliminarily date for the festivities. Think careful about this. It’s is not just a case of when your venue is free; you should also try to time it well.

For example it there is another LGBTQ club or organization holding an event at the same time, this can affect the turn out to yours. It may be that people will choose one or the other. Or, it could be that if you offer later opening hours, people will move from the other event to yours, so encouraging attendance. To help this, you can always offer a discounted entry to those that have been to the previous event.

Planning Group

Next, it’s time to work out who you need on your team to make this event a reality. Pick wisely as you will need people that can be decisive when required. Consider everyone’s unique knowledge and skills. Some may be better are raising awareness of political points. While others are accounting whizzes, or have access to great networks within the entertainment world. You’ll need a broad range of people to make your event a success.

Entertainment and Venue



No event is complete without entertainment. So making sure that you have booked incredible acts that will blow your guest’s socks off is essential to planning a good event. You’ll want to consult a booking agency to get the biggest name music or DJ star possible. It’s also worth speaking to local clubs to see if they have any drag or performance art acts that would be suitable for your audience. Some big name drag performers can even be booked directly by going onto their website.

This is also the time to pick an appropriate venue. Ensure that the place is big enough to hold the number of people you are expecting. It also pays for it to be on good travel links so people can get to and from the venue easily. Check their catering facilities if you will be providing food, as at some places you will need to hire an outside catering firm to help you with this.

It is also worth engaging a security team at this point, as it’s vital that everyone feels safe at the event. Then they will be able to deal with any issues on the day, leaving you free for to run the things.


Once you have a basic plan in place, then you can go forward and seek sponsorship for your event. Depending on the type of event that you are running LGBTQ charities may be a good place to start. Or, why not partner up with your local clubs and get them in on the action too.


Of course, no one is going to come if you don’t let them know about your event. That is why it’s essential to get your marketing machine in motion as soon as possible. The first step you need to take is to develop a brand for the event. Who is it aimed at? What is, it saying?



Then, once you are happy with your brand identity, you need to take to social media to promote the event. You can use organic shares, stimulated by clickbait memes or videos to get exposure for the day. Or how about using some paid advertising as well, that is focused on your particular target group?


Something that cannot be ignored is the budget that you have to work with. Remember to keep an overview of the entire budget as well as what each department team has spent of its’ share. It’s important to note the cost that event will incur as if you are running it for a charity that will need to be deducted before your make your donation.

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