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Progressive Metal Band Kairos Announce New Album Simulgression

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When five passionate metal musicians set their sights on success, you can guarantee they won’t slow down until they find it. The men of Kairos. have locked eyes with victory and refuse to blink, announcing their third album Simulgression

Kairos. is a progressive metal monster that’s been unchained, vocalist Chris Deitz screaming it’s concept story throughout each album. Seven diverse tracks in Simulgression compact ringing riffs, fast inhuman growls and slamming drums, setting a vicious scene that continues the plot line of 2016 Fission Spectrum. Multiple stories intertwine through Simulgression, as evil forces infiltrate Esihlu’s tribe, Jakob is imprisoned and alternate realities are created. Learn more about intriguing Kairos. concepts and characters here.

After 2016’s EP Fission Spectrum impressed metal fans everywhere, Kairos. have performed alongside Parkway Drive, Counterparts, We Came As Romans and Dark Tranquility. Kairos. set themselves apart from other bands with a constant involvement in the Carolinas music scene, from helping pack a local metal show at The Underground with over 500 people to playing fundraisers and local outlet Fuel the Scene magazine’s anniversary show.

Preorder the album, out May 18th, here.

Guitarist Tony Davis said of the new album in a statement

“Simulgression represents an expansion for Kairos., both musically and conceptually. We’ve taken the extremes of our sound and pushed them even further in all directions, and this is reflected in the concept story as well. The result is a hugely dynamic experience that can land anywhere from serene and tranquil to abrasive and unsettling. But even amidst all the changes, Simulgression still possesses that heavy and aggressive Kairos sound that unifies all of our work. 

We take inspiration from as many places as we can get it. Of course, we take after our great progressive metal forefathers like Dream Theater and Between the Buried and Me, but we also find inspiration in other styles like fusion (Weather Report, Snarky Puppy). In addition to contemporary styles, Simulgression draws a lot from 20th and 21st-century composers, like Olivier Messiaen, Arnold Schoenberg, and Iannis Xenakis. It’s quite a mixed palette of sounds, but it all works in concert to create an intense but satisfying journey. We can’t wait to share it with everyone!”

About Kairos
The concept behind the music of Kairos. is a tale of epic proportions. The Charlotte band creates an intense experience for fans by incorporating the concept story into their music, which is a combination of tech-heavy riffs and melodic, atmospheric soundscapes. Their debut EP The Hologram Project was independently released in 2015, and since then the band has shared the stage with many great acts, including Jason Richardson, Dark Tranquility, Symphony X, Parkway Drive, Nonpoint, We Came as Romans, Overkill, Wretched, Archspire, Arkaik, Counterparts, and more. Their 2016 EP Fission Spectrum is their most intriguing work to date, as it blurs genre lines between progressive metal and its heavier neighbors. Relentless aggression one moment and static tranquility the next work in concert to bring the concept story to life, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats.

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