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Prince Harry will pop the big question to Meghan with which engagement ring???

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Rumors are that Prince Harry is going to propose his girlfriend Meghan Markle during their safari trip in South Africa. Eternity by Yoni is going to help you out, by guessing their Engagement Ring.

Buzz-creating news is out there from the Royal Family and this time, the creators are Prince Harry and his pretty girlfriend Meghan Markle. There’s a hot rumor buzzing out that Prince Harry is going to pop the big to Meghan this October on their safari trip in South Africa. So, for all the jewelry lovers and people like me obsessed with diamonds and jewelry, it’s high time to guess about his engagement ring choice.

We thought we’d take a glimpse at the past Royal engagement rings. Starting right from the scratch, the first thing that we witness is not even a single Royal person has gone beyond the triumvirate of diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. I think it’s a trademark to them or maybe their comfort zone for the gemstones, or it may be simply a legacy passed on by their ancestors. Whatever it may be, we believe that Prince Harry will not go beyond diamonds, sapphires, and rubies or more closely ,if we can guess, a Blue Sapphire.

Another big question is whether he’ll be going with a solitaire with halo setting engagement ring or with a vintage pave engagement ring, or if he’ll be choosing a princess cut ring with halo or a cushion cut engagement rings with halo.


Options are too many to decide; right from the diamond cut to the diamond shape and setting all is a Royal mystery and completely depends upon how Prince Harry chooses to profess his love for his lady.

Past Royal rings

Queen Elizabeth accepted a square-cut diamond engagement ring with side diamond stones paved in platinum from Prince Philip heirloom from the groom’s mother’s tiara.

Prince William proposed to his fiancée Kate with a distinctive 18-carat blue sapphire halo diamond engagement ring costing £28,000 and bought by Prince Charles in February 1981. William popped the question in the Spartan Rutundu Log Cabins during their Kenyan holiday.

Following the family tradition, Prince Charles proposed to Diana offering her a variety of engagement rings to choose from the Garrard Jewelers collection. After a long decision process, she finally went with a sapphire engagement ring again in a halo setting which now belongs to Kate.

Our best guess for Prince Harry?  A family trend of offering either a blue sapphire halo pave engagement ring or a halo setting ring with a plain band and a center master gemstone either rubies or emerald cut diamond. Time will tell how right we were 😊

Author- I’m Alice Kate a professional jewelry artist and a self proclaimed and obsessed writer about jewelry. I’m currently working for “Eternity by Yoni” a complete online diamond jewelry store moving ahead with an only vision to create jewelry that can satiate your personality demand.

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