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The President's Husband by Michael Murphy

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The President's Husband by Michael Murphy

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About the Author
Anytime I'm asked the question of who I am I have to stop and try to decide how in the world to answer.  I might biologically be middle age, but inside I feel like a randy teenager anxious to explore the world.  Dreams of writing have been a part of my life since I was five years old.  

Two of the greatest influences on me as I was growing up were my two grandmothers.  Both were strong women who had unbelievable burdens thrust upon them when they were widowed very early in life. Both of these incredible women loved stories.  They loved reading stories and telling stories, and the stories they had to tell were incredible.

For as long as I can remember I've been writing stories.  What has been different over the last five years is that I've finally been brave enough to allow someone else to read what I'd written. When that happened I found that others liked what I'd written which made me beyond happy.

In addition to writing, my other love is photography.  Taking photos of some of the beautiful men of the world is my current focus.  With any luck, one of those photos will grace the cover of a Dreamspinner novel in the near future. 

My partner and I have traveled the world, trying to see as much as possible.  When not traveling, we live in Washington, DC with our best friend, a throw-away dog we adopted twelve years ago. To pay the bills, I am Director of Information Technology for a national organization based in Washington, DC. While I'd rather be writing full-time, I haven't figured out how to make that a viable option - yet.

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Publication Date
January 29, 2016
When an assassin’s bullet strikes his predecessor, Grayson Alexander becomes the first openly gay President of the United States and his husband, David Hammond, becomes the first openly gay First Husband. With their world turned upside down, David relies on his career as a medical school professor and ER doctor to keep him grounded. But his decision to keep working ruffles feathers from day one. 

Gray throws himself into learning everything he needs to know to be President, especially a liberal president surrounded by a conservative cabinet and staff. Even though he puts in outrageous hours working and traveling seven days a week month after month, he’s happy. But David has trouble coping with Gray’s new job requirements. He can’t help but feel abandoned by his husband of ten years. 

When Gray asks for his help with a public-health crisis, David obliges, but he is furious about what happens once the emergency passes. When they learn that the President’s staff has manipulated them both, they wonder if their relationship can survive the White House.

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New author to me, that I will read again!
Disclaimer: I do not understand much about politics, U.S or any other, therefore the technical aspects of this book were fascinating and engaging, but I am in no position to even speculate as to the accuracy of events/attitudes etc.

I'm not usually a fan of established relationships, but the blurb for this book intrigued me, and I am so pleased I got to read it. You know how sometimes a story can really dig in and take hold? This was one of those for me.
The strength of emotion here is incredibly powerful - the distrust, the disappointment, and at some points I would go as far as to say the hate between David and Gray is heartbreaking; but the depth of the love they share is ultimately so much stronger. This is not your typical romance, but it is a passionate, attention grabbing story. My feelings for both MCs went up and down like yoyos throughout this book, leaving me in need of a stiff drink at times! Engaging, emotional, infuriating and incredibly enjoyable. This book was quite a  journey....but a wonderful one!
Top 10 Reviewer 87 reviews
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