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Pre-Review: Dirty Deeds by HelenKay Dimon
by Truus     July 25, 2017    
(Updated: July 25, 2017)

Strong and suspenseful

Sometimes I devour a hot, wild steamy read with two unbelievable strong hard fit and horny men....*swallow*
Sexually a delicious read it will knock you from your chair....

Gaige an expert with computers sitting in Alec's server room....uninvited....working the keyboard fast....Alec wants to shoot him.
When they skimmed each other the heat is on...
Gaige could be leaking secrets from Alec's company so Alec holds him
A lot is happening and Gaige is convinced he has to take Alec's side....Alec doesn't trust him at all...but things are changing......

The story was a bit confusing and complicated.... (my mind wanted less complicated and more hotness...) and suspenseful.

I even would read this story without all the business stuff because those two men....together.... hot as hell.. I loved their love-hate interaction. 
Four stars because the way of writing was excellent.

Kindly received a copy through NetGalley

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