Practical Guide to Choose The Best Travel Watch For Men

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A travel watch is far different from an everyday watch. It brings out the best in you during weekend trips, on top of its functionality.

Some travelers opt for a less expensive timepiece, while others chase for travel-specific features.

Regardless of your preference, you must know how to choose. Follow this quick guide for the best travel watch for men.

Must-Have Features For A Travel Watch

Consider a travel watch worth buying if it has the following characteristics.


Pick a timepiece that can withstand long, rugged trips. You need a watch that can survive wear and tear for years to come.


It fits your active and professional style interchangeably—something you can wear at a yacht party after a business meeting in the morning.

Power source

It can survive the whole travel period without dying on you. You need a watch that can last longer than your energy.


It illuminates time even in the dark. There is no knowing if you get stuck in a place with dim lights.

Time Zone

Resets time as you travel to another region. Or get a watch that can help you keep track of two time zones at a time. These wristwatches have time zone bezels you can easily adjust with a coin edge bezel.


Choose a design flexible for corporate meetings and casual settings. Can’t find the one that perfectly fits your style? Try looking for the best Seiko mods online.


It feels pleasant to your wrist all day long and through the night. Consider a band comfy enough for every travel location and duration.

Metal bands can surpass any destination. However, it is bulky and has a higher scratch tendency.

Rubber bands (woven) can also survive in any place. It emphasizes a more sporty style.

Leather bands are excellent, but not in hot and humid climates.

A travel watch has a wide price range. Some find $500 expensive already, while others see it as a reasonable target. Pick a price point that you feel comfortable wearing for your next adventure.

Smart Watch Is A Good Choice Too

Although smartwatches almost dominated the industry, not all still prefer it. Nonetheless, a smartwatch is excellent to accompany you on any trip. Take note of these considerations.


It provides an easy connection to a carrier of your destination.


Some smartwatches work independently. Others function more when connected to a mobile device.


The majority of smartwatches are well-built. However, some are delicate and damages easily.


Smartwatches are often as captivating as your destination but to the eyes of robbers too.

A smartwatch stays connected while on the road. Aside from indicating time, it also assists in medical emergencies. Find a smartwatch that has this kind of feature.

Notable World Time Watch

A travel watch serves its purpose if it has a high-powered world time. It has a lot of features designed for adventure.

Multiple time zones, light-up dials, and alarms are the best distinction. In some timepieces, an automatic GPS time setting is available.

A dual-time watch has two-hour hands that specify two different time zones. It indicates the time both in your current location and back to your hometown. The

Accurate Slide Rule

A slide rule in a travel watch functions as a logarithmic scale. Like in a pilot watch, it performs calculations and conversion. It comes in handy for matters like distance, fuel consumption, and currency exchange.

Use the rotating bezel and slide rule to do it. Look for the starting measurements units. Convert on the watch bezel by moving the rotating part of the slide rule. Line up the value to be converted into the units marker on the dial.

Exceptionally Durable

The primary factor when buying a travel watch is durability. Travelers have different approaches.

Some buy something economical to avoid regret. It’s practical if the timepiece didn’t survive the journey. A modern rubber or plastic watch is a good example. Plus, it has zero risks of water penetration. It’s comfortable to wear and has minimal chances of being stolen.

Casio’s G-Shock is a known durable brand, but it’s quite bulky.

Meanwhile, others pick the most durable timepiece to last under the harshest conditions. They pay more to ensure it lasts long for the entire trip.

A Rolex watch and diver’s watch show extraordinary toughness. It is stainless steel and has a strong and scratch-resistant crystal. A good quality and durability level come with a higher price, but not best for travel. It’s sharp and bulky, making it uncomfortable for long-haul trips.

Outstanding International Style

A travel watch for men provides a mark of distinction. It is noticeable wherever you go. Choose a style that blends in easily with your outfit and occasion. Wearing proper attire and accessories indicate a sign of respect. Make sure your watch goes along with it.

Ensures Travel Security

Wearing a travel watch on a trip provides a better sense of security than having your regular wristwatch.

Be Stolen

A comfortable, durable, and water-resistant watch mitigate this fear. You don’t need to remove it now and then.

Be Robbed

A watch is always valuable. Think twice before picking a timepiece for your journey. Avoid a piece that would catch everybody’s attention to your wrist.

Be An Easy Target

An expensive timepiece showcases your overall wealth. Thus, jeopardizing your security. Save yourself from trouble by getting an economic travel watch for men.

Durability and additional features aside, a high-end watch is not realistic in the security category.

Long-Lasting Power Source

The ability of a wristwatch to run for a long time is another essential attribute. Choose between the following power sources.


A timepiece that needs winding to run.


It winds itself based on your wrist movement. (Mechanical watch)


Quartz oscillates at an accurate frequency to keep time precisely.


The watch face looks like a standard wristwatch, but it harnesses energy directly from the sun to function.


It works wells for smartwatches.

Although an automatic mechanical watch is a great option, it is more expensive. A solar-powered wristwatch runs for a long time without trouble.

Best Options For Travel Watch

With the different tips on choosing a travel watch for men, let’s narrow down your option more.

Pilot Watch

A romantic watch type suitable for traveling. The dials look aesthetic and are easy to read. Some have intricate details like calculations and tools.

Techne Harrier, Laco Aachen, and Hamilton Pilot Quartz are undeniably a great choice.

Field Watch

Field watches have an underrated style with an ultra-utilitarian origin. It is practical and durable for a reason. It might not be luxurious, but it can look elegant for a first-class setting with the right selection.

Top affordable field watches are Bertucci, Timex Waterbury, and Timex Navi Harbor.

Finding the best travel watch for men can be intimidating. There is a lot to consider aside from functionality and style. Take note of the tips discussed above. It helps taper down your options. But don’t forget that your personal preference and travel destination are a top priority.

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