Post Rome release Different Kids

Different Kids is a poppy, bouncy, bright and melodic track that compiles a lot of memories and life lessons when growing up. The lyrics within the track represents attitude of being honest and open to each other within the band, which also expresses that although we make mistakes it is only because of the learning process to becoming adults. Different Kids can relate to a lot of teenagers and younger adults as it reflects on old memories about being young, about having no money but still making the best memories of your lives and is essentially describing how as long as you are living your best life, nothing else should matter.

Post Rome are a band made up of three members that were born and raised in Sunderland. They spent their life growing up with each other from preschool up until secondary school. Starting a band was something they wanted to take seriously and make a name for themselves in the place they love which is Sunderland. Post Rome pride themselves on having an energetic and diverse live shows and they are passionate about bringing something new to the Sunderland scene of music.

Post Rome are currently gaining rave reviews from their local supporters. They are being championed at BBC Introducing in the North East, as well as BBC Newcastle and the Sunderland Echo.

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