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Books T Truus May 01, 2017 1046
Delightful, patience and anticipation. Perfect!
(Updated: May 01, 2017)
Yes yes yes another delightful read in this continuing story again !!
All the tiny little details make this an absorbing read. Makes you yearn just like DanielThey are busy at work, specially Ryan, and they try to get through the week without each other.
It's almost impossible, the way Daniel gets through is with deep yearning and passion it's just palpable.

I love Daniel's head. It is so satisfying to know him and see him and to know nobody else knows and sees this...only....Ryan is sharp with observations thank Gid for that. Because Daniel is denying himself to much.They are so sweet and funny together.

The personalities are so very well exposed and worked out, it's done so very well. They are real for me and I loved them both.

The trust is....amazing.....and a lot of love and respect.

"Ryan has a way of dismantling Daniel’s control. Sometimes it’s bit by bit, sometimes he just shatters it, but Ryan always wins in the end. Well, they both win."

"You chose my happiness over yours. You’re incredible.

Again a delightful and wonderful part of Daniel and Ryan. Written in a captivating and realistic well done I almost can't wait....till the end of the month for the next of this serie.
But I'll have Daniel in mind...with his patience and self control :) 

Perfect story, indeed.
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