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Piano vs Guitar: Which Is the Best Instrument To Learn for You?

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The piano and the guitar are arguably the two most popular musical instruments, if not the most versatile. Most people learning an instrument for the first time will opt for either one, sometimes taking up both instruments in the long run. If you’re eager to learn one of the two but are currently torn, here are some factors to consider that may help you decide.

Learning difficulty

It’s often said that the piano is easy to learn and difficult to master, whilst the guitar is easy to master but difficult to learn. Schools will often introduce kids to a keyboard, largely because these instruments clearly lay out every note in ascending order making it easier to get to grips with musical theory. With a guitar you have multiple strings and frets to negotiate on top of picking and strumming techniques making just playing a simple tune a steep learning curve.

All in all, if patience isn’t your forte, the piano may be a much better suited to you. Those a little more determined may be able to persevere with a guitar.


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When it comes to cost, buying a guitar will always be cheaper than buying a piano. You’ll find acoustic guitars selling for less than fifty dollars, whilst you’ll be lucky to find a budget upright piano for less than a grand.

You may be able to find a cheap electric piano for as little as a hundred dollars, but you should be careful of budget keyboard’s that may not have features such as touch sensitivity or have limited polyphony. Read Yamaha digital piano reviews to get the best electric piano for your money. A knowledgeable friend may also be handy to have whilst browsing.

When it comes to guitars, good quality affordable acoustic and electric models are easy to find – the likes of Squire and Harley Benton are reliable brands. Take into account if you’re going electric you may have amp and lead costs to take into account, plus any extras such as pedals and effects.


If you’re limited on space, then a guitar is the obvious answer. Not only can a guitar fit just about anywhere, they’re also very portable allowing you to easily take to gigs or on holiday with you. Pianos – even electric ones – aren’t very portable and do require clearing some space. Buying a piano should be approached as if buying a new piece of furniture and might not be appropriate if you’re living in a cosy bedsit.


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Guitars can come with a fair bit of maintenance. You’ll have to learn to tune them up. Strings will break and you’ll have to fix them. Fortunately, this is all stuff that you can do yourself, unlike a piano which may need to be professionally tuned.  That said, if you’re opting for an electric piano, you’ll never have to worry about tuning or damaged strings.





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