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Perfect Boho Style For Summer

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Moving into summer, the easy-going and lightweight boho style is the perfect way to update your wardrobe. Natural and flowing pieces, paired with some great statement accessories is a great look that withstands the test of time. This nomadic style that originated from the 1700s is still relevant today – it is unconventional, modest, and symbolizes freedom from society’s rules. It is a great way to embrace your own personal style. It is a style that has inspired plenty of celebrities too from Selena Gomez to Alexa Chung

The boho color palette

One of the reasons that the boho style lends itself so well to the summer season is the warm and natural colors. Think of burnt orange, mustard, rich mahogany and mossy greens. Everything should feel natural, just like the sand on the beach with the waves rippling through it. Your wardrobe should be adorned with earthy shades and marigold oranges. Definitely no neons, or bright reds and blues. Steer away from dark, gothic colors too. Patterns are fine – florals work really well, just nothing too bright, graphic or industrial. Have a look in the thrift stores for some wonderful retro prints, particularly from the 1970s and early 80s. It is certainly a good idea to mix patterns with classic fall colors too.  

Fabric choice matters

Just like color choice, natural fabrics are extremely important when pulling off the boho style. For the summer season, cotton and linens are a great choice – they lend themselves very well maxi skirts and dresses, which are beautifully flowing and cool. These are great to wear out in the sunshine, or on the beach – you can easily put your bikini underneath. The fabrics to avoid are things like nylon and shiny lycra – your clothing should look comfortable, not clingy. One of the wonderful things about boho is it doesn’t have to be perfect. Patchwork is a great choice – and if your clothing needs repairing, just add another patch. Not only do you get an authentic boho look, but it’s a good way to reuse and recycle.  

Layers and accessories

Multi-layering garments is a great way to achieve the boho look. Think tunics over swing dresses, long scarves and flowing linen skirts. When you are creating your outfit though, remember that your clothes should be flowing, but not baggy. You are still trying to accentuate your figure, not disguise it under frumpy fabrics. Accessorizing is essential, and there is definitely no need for dainty or expensive jewelry. You can break out the long, dangly pendants, feather earrings, and statement bracelets. Use your boho outfit as an opportunity to wear those beautiful baubles.

So what are you waiting for? Time to seek out those stylish swing dresses and interesting scarves ready for some great summer boho fashion. And don’t forget to seek out a floppy brimmed hat to top off your look!

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