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Paris Wynter – a woman who cares

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The charming Paris Wynter has appeared in Divine Magazine before. Daughter to Simonne Wynter and little sister to Mickey Taylor, well-known adult film actor.

Paris has her own story to tell and her own desires and dreams to fulfil. You can see the interviews/articles Paris has featured in below.

This is a very honest, down to earth account of her life as carer to her mum Simonne, girlfriend to partner Boola, and Paris’ life as a gay woman. It’s the tale of a person like you and me, trying to make in the world the best way we know how.

We’ll let Paris take over now.

Hi, I’m Paris Wynter. I am twenty years old and I am a full time carer for my mum here in England in the UK.

At the moment I’m doing a three-month course in an organisation called the Prince’s Trust. The course is about helping people to get into work but also it tries to boost our confidence. In the second week we went on a residential trip to Skreens Activity Park, in Chelmsford, Essex and it was great fun. You can read all about it in the link. On the Prince’s Trust trip, we did archery, cave and wall climbing, abseiling, and learnt how to use air rifles. We went on this trip to improve our team building and to bond with our team leaders. For me it gave me more confidence to speak to people as I am a shy person. For the last two weeks of this trip we had to do a community project to help to improve the community.

I’m also part of an organisation called Action for Family Carers. It’s an organisation formed for unpaid carers of people unable to care for themselves in various levels. This is their mission statement:

In August I won an award for money budgeting. This organisation has been a big part of my life since joining it when I was fourteen years old. It helps young carers by being there for them but also organising days out for us to give us a break every now and then.

I’m always asked what it’s like being Mickey Taylor’s sister.  I’m very proud of him by what he has achieved so far in his life.  It does feel unreal at times as people are recognising him where he is just my brother, I don’t see him anymore than that. I will say it’s nice to see that he has done well for himself but also that he is happy. I support him in any way I can.

This is a picture of Mickey and I when we were just kids.

As for my mum – she has been my rock, I couldn’t thank her enough for what she has done for us. My mum has supported me, Mickey and my sister Kirsty in whatever we and to what we are.

Coming out in the gay world, with the help of my brother who’d already gone through it, and knew what it was like, I didn’t feel alone. To some people, I think I was lucky because I had Mickey’s support. I came out to my family at the age of fifteen. At first I was scared but Mickey helped me to tell my mum. My mum’s response was the best I could have ever gotten. She just hugged me, told me it was okay and that she loved me no matter what. My mum even comes to Gay Pride with me and my partner to support but also to celebrate the gay world with us!!

Divine Magazine want to thank Paris for sharing this with us and we hope she goes on to do big and better things just as she wants to.

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