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Parent’s Cancer, A Pandemic and Uncertain Future Pushes Country Artist Simone Reyes to Rush Video Release To Be Seen in Wedding Dress

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Los Angeles, CA, USA, September 28, 2020,/ — Similar to many global citizens, country artist Simone Reyes found herself suddenly faced with the concept of mortality and an uncertain future due to a pandemic that is still uncontrolled. Coupled with having aging parents ( both recently diagnosed with different forms of cancer) Reyes has rushed the release of her new music video, “What I Left Behind” to ensure that she, and loved ones, have the opportunity to experience seeing her in a wedding dress ” just in case ” time runs out.

When Governor Cuomo declared New York City the epicenter of the coronavirus I feared I may never see my parents again. Doable bucket list Items became my focus- like being seen in a Wedding Dress”

— New Country Artist Simone Reyes

Like many people around the globe during this pandemic, Reyes has responded to the hard realization that tomorrow is not guaranteed by crossing off bucket list dreams still achievable during these troubled times. ” We always think we have time but 2020 has changed all that. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost due to the Coronavirus and each of those people probably believed they too had more time. As a native New Yorker, when I heard Governor Andrew Cuomo declare that New York City was the epicenter of the Coronavirus I feared I may never see my parents again. It got me thinking about all the things on my bucket list still un-checked. Having my loved ones be able to see me in a wedding dress happens to be on that list. Thankfully, it was one of my only immediate doable bucket list items that I knew I could cross off that list via my music career so I went for it. While I have every hope we will all get through this, and that my loved ones will get to see me wearing the gown in a real setting, I do feel a sense of relief for having filmed this video for a song that means so much to me, ” said Simone Reyes.

Reyes shopped for the wedding dress and veil online from the safety of her home. The music video was directed by Kerry Porter / Frontman Video in San Louis Obispo. The single‘s video for “What I Left Behind”, written by Jon Randall and John Wiggins (Reynsong Publishing Corporation/ BMI ), tells the story of a woman who finds herself having to make the difficult decision to leave her marriage. Hurrying to pack up her belongings ( including her pet rooster, Chuckles ) before her husband comes home she finds herself unable to fit her wedding dress into her luggage. Unwilling to leave that tangible keepsake of their lives together behind, in desperation she puts the dress on as she closes the door on her old life. Portraying her husband is model Casey Cathcart.

The single “What I Left Behind” was produced by Al Bonhomme who also plays guitar and banjo on the single, and showcases popular Nashville and Los Angeles musicians including Gary Morse, Steve Brewster, Chad Watson, Skip Edwards, Melissa Breslow, Vanessa Marsot and Kris Bradley. The song was mastered by Mitch Zelezny. Video locations include Happy Hen Animal Rescue and The Madonna Inn.

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