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Outside the Lines by A.R. Barley

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Outside the Lines by A.R. Barley

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Book Series
Bounderies #3
About the Author
Aleah Barley is a writer of humorous (she hopes) contemporary romance. After living all over the United States, she recently moved to Motor City with a fluffy Maine Coon Cat who is constantly trying to appropriate her computer. She is hard at work on her next book.
Publication Date
October 31, 2016
Mitch Dalton can't stop fantasizing about his sexy and confident drag queen neighbor. He wants to make a move, but he's had a lot less experience with men and isn't sure Chi-Chi would be interested in a guy who's never gone all the way—let alone a widower and struggling single father. And when Mitch's child care falls through, he needs Chi-Chi's help more than he needs a boyfriend.

Chi-Chi Ramirez has his own struggles: getting his degree one class at a time, working too many jobs and performing at a nightclub to make his Broadway dreams come true. Mitch's offer of a nanny position is too good to pass up, even if seeing Mitch every day and not being able to touch him is torture. But when even a simple handshake feels like pure sex, soon touching is all either of them can think about.

A one-night stand, a quick fling—that's all Chi-Chi can give if he's going to leave town for New York City. But once they finally get a taste of each other, what if Mitch wants more?

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Lovable, sweet and funny
(Updated: October 31, 2016)
Mitch widower over two years and father of two kids. Sitting in the local club to finally find a date and start talking to Chi-Chi a sweet guy who loves to wear dresses and make-up. He is the drag queen at the local gay club and has several other jobs. Mitch offers the 'lady' a drink and they will drink coffee when Chi-Chi is done with the job and Mitch is still there....only....Mitch is gone with the wind.
Next time they meet is at a neighborhood bbq. Mitch can't get the beautiful Chi-Chi out of his head and Chi-Chi ditto.

There are a few encounters and even a small peck on the lips and after Chi-Chi takes care of his children when there was nobody around, Mitch ask him if he want to be their nanny. A fast math and there is a deal.
But that meant no more pecks or anything in that direction because Mitch wants stability in the house. Moreover, Chi-Chi wants to get away from his abusive family and be a star at Broadway commitments.....

That all seems on paper the best thing to do....but in reality.....?
It's difficult because the tension is killing them. Slowly Chi-Chi became more than the nanny.
They were hot together as they experiment their needs.... Mitch has a lot to learn.
and ohhh do i love stories with cross-dressing!!

The writing was smooth and the story has funny parts and was entertaining. It's a lovable sweet story with adorable children and nice friends. 
At the almost end there is a sharp tail....but don't worry too much :)

**ARC provided by Carina Press in return for an honest review**
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