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Out of the Ashes by A.M. Raulerson

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Out of the Ashes by A.M. Raulerson

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Book Series
Trust #2
About the Author
Sitting here thinking about what it is I want to tell you about me, I realize I’m over thinking it again. I do that a lot. So I’ll keep it short, if you don’t mind. I have been many people in my life. Both good and bad, like most humans on earth. I have family I will probably never see again, unless someone remembers me when planning a funeral. I was adopted, so it’s not like they were really my family to begin with. Not all adoptions turn out so good. I have been blessed with two living children, no teenagers (God Help me!) and one sweet baby waiting for me on the other side. I got rid of the no good husband, but I was blessed with a Mother-in-Law who is more a mother to me than the woman who adopted me. And I would not be here today if it weren’t for Mamma and my kids. I would have given up a long time ago without them. Then there are the friends I’ve made in the last year. I thought I knew what friendship was and turned my nose up at it. I didn’t want to go through that again. It just wasn’t worth it… or so I thought. These beautiful, bright and loving women turned my life around, supporting me in my quest to finish writing this book. I’d only ever heard I was too stupid to write anything other than grocery lists. They helped me silence the voices in my head telling me I could never do it. Helped me prove those voices wrong. I have lived and I have wanted to die. I have fought with everything in me, and both won and lost. I have picked myself up after an atom bomb has destroyed my life, and I have soldiered on. I am not better and I am not worse than the next person. I’m human just like you

Publication Date
April 04, 2017
Available Formats
Kindle, paperback
Alexi, a sub without a Dom. Lucas, a Dom without a sub. Two police officers with traumatic pasts. Alexi is hurting since his break up with Chase, but he has to put that aside when Chase brings a case from Club Darkfall to his precinct. The Chief is aware of his lifestyle so Alexi is automatically assigned the case. Of course he will need a partner to play his Dom, and Lucas is the only one who can pull it off. Lucas has been watching, he has seen Alexi’s pain and the way he and Chase have been hurting each other. He wants it to stop. This is his chance to make Alexi his Boy and he's going to take it. Alexi will be his. Now they must work together, go undercover, to take down a group that is hiding a murderer. The risk is high, it’s dangerous, but Lucas and Alexi can't fail the victims. Can they find love, in the midst, or will the fear and pain stop them from completely trusting each other? 

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Wow..A fantastic Dom and Sub story.
This has triggers you might wanna know about. 

There are scenes that may be tough to read, I'll admit I skipped one or two paragraphs but not enough for me to put the book down. 

This has non stop drama enfolding as they investigate a case going for bad to worse. 

Detective Alexi was called into see the Captain noting Chase was there. Alexi was secretly in love with Chase even after their relationship ended.  Alexi was informed he was needed for work undercover with something Chase had discovered at his Club. There was a secret underground group called The Osiris Circle who were taking people making them into sadism slaves/subs, treated poorly was an understatement. Everyone knew Alexi was into the scene but they needed a Dom to partner him on the case.  Lucas was the perfect choice and he wanted Alexi for quite a while, now he may get his wish..but he has to keep him safe first and catch some nasty men in the process.. 

I'd highly recommend this book to those who loved Dom/Subs stories.. 
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24/7 Dom - Patron and Boy
Lucas and Alexi - D/s - Patron and Boy - police officers 
 Finding out there is an insane cruel Dom around, Alexi and Lucas both police officers, decided to go undercover as D/s. They don't belong to each other but will for the time to catch the cruel Dom.
 Lucas has set his eyes on Alexi for a long time and just waiting for the right time to claim.
 They were eye-fucking each other for months already and are both thrilled to finally be together. Lucas is a 24/7 Dom and demands Alexi to obey and be honest at all time. Alexi only have to look in his eyes....
 Both have a traumatic past and scars on their souls.
 They completely open up to each other so there will be no misunderstanding.
 When they get together they perfectly fit. Patron is a wonderful strong and loving Dom and Boy is in ecstasy with all the right torture. The love between them is palpable.
 To catch the cruel Dom is easier said than done. It's more complexed than they expected.
 And when there is an awfully cut and tortured dead body of a young sub the whole case gets a bad turn. This is not about one cruel Dom this is much bigger.
 Lucas and Alexi are determined to catch the whole rot apple in this scene....
 What they don't know is the fact that this apple is beyond rotten..... and the consequences are beyond all expectations...
 Captivating story. Lucas as a Dom of Doms and Alexi always submissive.
 The story kept my attention constantly. The D/s parts were really put down in a good way. 
 Personally I'm not an admirer of 'name calling' 24/7 but that's me :) others will love that. The roles were continual and consistent and with a lot of respect.
 I love the sweet way of writing it has a dedication in it, a determination to do right to the scene.
 And that just worked out fine!! And last but not least it has my favored end...<3

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