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Option Four by Jon Eliot Keane

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Jon Eliot Keane studies people for a living. Sometimes, he writes about them too. He and his husband are owned by an obstreperous tortoiseshell cat, collect books and odd knickknacks, and make their home in Southern California near Los Angeles. Option Four is his first fiction publication.
Publication Date
May 25, 2017
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Epub, Mobi, PDF, paperback
978 1 78645 127 9
It's 1997, and seventeen-year-old Donn Carhart wants to come out. There are four ways it could go: reject, tolerate, accept, or they'll say 'me too!'

But his parents don't like gay people, and he doesn't know any other gay kids.

After meeting Alex, an openly gay transfer student, and learning a little bit about gay history in the United States, Donn starts the Acceptance Project club at school. The club is about addressing discrimination, and it draws a lot of student members, including Thad - the most popular guy in his class, who just so happens to be Donn's crush.

After Donn comes out, a group of parents try to shut it down as a 'gay club' - a danger to their children and the community. With his family, community, and classmates pushing back on his decisions, will Donn push forward or will he opt out?

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Fascinating, captivating, endearing
(Updated: May 28, 2017)
Option Four
It's warm outside and I'm sitting inside and can't put this story away even not to get a refreshment....I just can't...

The way of writing.....it swallowed me in.....a journal, a logbook..(just don't like the word diary)

When Donn opens up to Alex, more the way how he did, it made my blurry...

Everything he sees, observes, notices, this knowledge is amazing put down. To see everything through his eyes and mind....it's touching.It was funny, heartbreaking, endearing, painful and revealing.

Donn member of the school Astronomy Club:
"Somehow looking at the stars just isn’t as interesting as it used to be before I discovered boys"
Isn't that just the sweetest line ever?

What a wonderful personality Donn has, the steadfastness omg that was amazing...The thorough investigation about history of gay...his commitment with the Acceptance Project club....it's all powerful. His concerns and considerations....clear, honest and again powerful 

Goshhh this read is a 'best, better, bestest'This journal so real, even lines are strikethrough....talking about how not capable to write at some moments.....

In the beginning there are his parents, (there are family secrets)...., his outcoming, his friend Alex, his big crush Thad and the AP club.
Very important in this story is the AP club where beautiful things are blossom....and where students are more mature then most parents.
But to see him grow into a confident person, helping others and himself. Being flawed and investigative and accepting with it... Reflecting and discussing his relationships with his boyfriend(s)....Going from almost none to a whole of bunch friends. To see his beautiful and explosive character To see how he handles all the problems To see him making the difference....and that a seventeen almost eighteen......

The Board meeting case chills you to the bone. Adults, lies, religion... all horrible 
But the club is solid...

Fascinating way of writing....it captured me from the first line..How the personalities pictured out through Donn's voice is just extremely real and close to my heart, I wish I was that confident and open at that age.... but the lesson here is everyone is different and we have to accept ourselves and others and....you can't blame yourself for the past.

It's maybe exceptional to do but I want to say: another amazing read from my favorite Publishing House: Beaten Track Publishing 

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