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Once Upon a Time in the Weird West (Nicole Kimberling) – Guest Post

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Divine Magazine Welcomes Author Nicole Kimberling!

Nicole has come to talk to us about her short story Oh, Give Me a Home

In my new short story, “Oh Give Me a Home,” I write about Gordon and Henry, two terraformers who are working hard to establish new “Homesteads for Humanity” on a distant world in outer space.

Early on in the writing I knew I wanted to harken back to the singing cowboys and the old western songs I’d heard while growing up in Nebraska.
KOLT radio (yes, those are really the call letters) played both country and western music and the local TV station played The Roy Rogers Show every single afternoon.
I remembered that I liked the moodiness of the music and the narrative quality of old western songs. To me these songs of loneliness and striving against nature matched perfectly with my idea of what it must be like to try and build a new human existence in deep space.
So here are the classic western songs I had on auto-repeat while writing my story.

Cool Water
Marty Robbins, “Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs.”

“The nights are cool and I’m a fool
Each star’s a pool of water
Cool water”

The narrator of this song is telling his friend (or horse?) Dan about how they’re going to find water—after oxygen what do humans need more? What could be more relevant?

Tumbling Tumble Weeds
Sons of the Pioneers

“I know when night has gone
That a new world’s born at dawn”

What could be MORE science-fiction than a new world being born? This song is definitely about being a terraformer—the original performers just didn’t know it yet.

I Was Born Under a Wandering Star
Lee Marvin, Paint Your Wagon Soundtrack

Okay, this isn’t a classic western song—but it might as well be.

“I never seen a sight that didn’t look better lookin’ back”

Do any lyrics express the human need to explore better than these?

(When I was a kid I used to get very depressed that because I was a girl, I would never be able to sing like Lee Marvin—LOL)

Do you have a favorite cowboy song? Tell me about it in the comments!

“Oh, Give Me a Home,” is just one of thirteen stories available in Once Upon a Time in the Weird West, available now from Dreamspinner Press. Who are the other twelve authors? How about Kim Fielding, Astrid Amara, Langley Hyde, Ginn Hale, C.S. Poe, Lex Chase, Jana Denardo, Phyllis Gerstenfeld, Venona Keyes, Tali Spencer, Jamie Fessenden, Shira Anthony and Andrew Gordon?

Oh, Give Me a Home Blurb

Corporate terraformer turned social justice worker, Gordon gave up a good living to pioneer New Saturn, where the ranges are as vast as they sky—just the way Gordon likes them. Together with his partner Henry, Gordon herds the ankle-high genetically modified insects, which deposit crucial bacteria into the soil so the ground can one day be farmed. But when rustlers strike, the barren beauty of the frontier  turns deadly, and Gordon must risk everything to keep himself and Henry alive.

Once Upon a Time in the Weird West Anthology

Kim Fielding, C.S. Poe, Lex Chase, Nicole Kimberling, Ginn Hale, Jamie Fessenden, Venona Keyes, Shira Anthony, Astrid Amara, Jana Denardo, Langley Hyde, Tali Spencer, Andrew Q. Gordon

Release Date: December 16, 2016
Genre: M/M Historical Americas / Mystery/Suspense /Paranormal / Steampunk / Urban Fantasy / Western
Pages: 400
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

This isn’t the same old Wild West. The usual suspects are all present: cowboys, outlaws, and sheriffs. There’s plenty of dust, tumbleweeds, horses, and cattle on the range, but there are also magical gems, automatons, elementals, airships… even dinosaurs and genetically modified insects. Roaming among the buffalo and coyotes, you’ll encounter skinwalkers, mad engineers, mythical beings cloaked in darkness, and lovers who stay true to their oaths… even beyond the grave. On this frontier are those at the mercy of their own elaborate devices as well as men whose control of time and space provides a present-day vision of the West. There might even be a dragon hidden amongst the ghost towns and wagon trains.

If you like your Westerns with a splash of magic, a touch of steampunk, and plenty of passionate romance between men, these genre-bending tales will exceed expectations.

Hold on to your hats, cowboys and cowgirls. The West is about to get weird, and you’re in for a hell of a ride.

Cover Artist: Nathie Block

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Once Upon a Time in the Weird West is available at:

Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | ARe | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Kobo | Goodreads

💫 Meet Nicole Kimberling

Nicole Kimberling lives in Bellingham, Washington with her wife, Dawn Kimberling, two bad cats as well as a wide and diverse variety of invasive and noxious weeds. Her first novel, Turnskin, won the Lambda Literary Award for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. She is also the author of the Bellingham Mystery Series.

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  1. susana says

    I Was Born Under a Wandering Star is one of my favourite western songs… As it is the movie it was performed at. Thank you for the interesting post, Nicole. I love your books!

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