OML Releases Soul Sessions with Nikki Caster

A Much-Needed Inspirational YouTube Series to Help Us Stay Physically and Spiritually Grounded in the Face of the COVID-19 Home Isolation

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, MARCH 25, 2020 – OML, the online curator of quality LGBTQ+ media, is releasing a brand-new exclusive YouTube series called, Soul Sessions with Nikki Caster, with episode 1 dropping today

Hosted by Holistic Wellness expert and Heart Speaker Nikki Caster, Soul Sessions is an inspirational new series that was urgently put together to help our LGBTQ+ community and allies overcome the stress, anxiety, fear and panic the global coronavirus pandemic has, overnight, brought upon the world.

As many of us have been mandatorily sequestered at home, we find ourselves in a state of complete disarray, chaos and anxiety. The isolation, the loss of work and the terrifying threat of potentially being exposed to this fatal disease are all factors gravely affecting mental, spiritual and physical health.

Nikki Caster brings her passionate commitment and expertise to the screen and gives people the tools to reach their highest possible quality of life during this crisis, guiding them on how to nurture their mind, body and spirit.

Produced by filmmaker Marina Rice Bader, Soul Sessions is a project born out of love as LGBTQ+ professionals and artists generously donate their time and effort to give back and help those struggling to adjust to the restrictions and confinement a COVID-19 lifestyle.

In each of the 15-minute episode that will be released over the next few weeks, Caster will focus on a specific topic designed to ground us and give a sense of purpose during these trying times. Caster will show simple techniques we can all practice to keep our mind and body present, and most importantly, at peace to ensure we feel better from the inside out.

The unique series also invite viewers to comment on each episode and actively engage in a conversation with Nikki and Marina to create a real sense of community.

“We’re experiencing something completely unprecedented and everyone is confused and anxious” says OML founder Shirin Etessam. “It is our collective responsibility to rise up and support each other during these very challenging times. Soul Sessions is our way of doing so.”

About OML

Established in 2009, OML, formerly One More Lesbian, curates quality content for the LGBTQ+ audience, inclusive of all female and gender-expansive viewers.  OML’s popular YouTube channel has over a half-million subscribers and over 250 million channel views to date.

About Marina Rice Bader 

Marina Rice Bader founded Soul Kiss Films in 2009, where she executive produced Elena Undone and A Perfect Ending then went on to write/direct/produce Anatomy of a Love Seen, Raven’s Touch and Ava’s Impossible Things. Marina is currently developing three features under the banner of her new company Play Big Pictures, producing bold universal stories told through a female lens.  She also proudly serves on the board of directors for OUTFEST.

About Nikki Caster 

Nikki Caster is a Holistic Wellness expert and Heart speaker, with a mission to teach people how to create their highest possible quality of life by nurturing their mind, body and spirit. Nikki combines the latest research on neuroscience, somatics and wellness with Pilates, Yoga, Qi Gong, mediation and personal training, to offer proprietary methods for healing, transformation and holistic health. Her approach combines radical self-love with evidence-based practices that make people feel and function their best.


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