OlyasDream Shares New Single Wildest Dream

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OlyasDream is a multidimensional performance artist. She appeared on American Idol 2021 playing the HandPan. Usually, people use this drum for meditations, but she produced the alternative rock genre with it. She considers herself the founder of a new mass pop stream in music: spiritual development. 

OlyasDream had many low days and kept looking for an artistic realisation. One night she had a dream, she saw a strange, rounded metal object that was making a loud sound. That sound went through her ears and her head making her wake up. She had no idea what it was, but the sound stayed with her for another week. Even now she can hear it.

Four months later, doing architecture class homework, she decided to listen to motivational speakers on the internet. One speaker, whose topic was to talk about the human’s attention, came on stage and without saying anything, started playing hand pan. She immediately recognised the sound and turned her head to the computer screen. Since then she was magnetized to the videos of people playing HandPan. Every day she spent hours listening to its music. A couple of weeks later, she made a decision: “I can’t exist without it.”

She chose the most dramatic scale she liked on the HandPan and ordered one. Shortly after receiving the HandPan, barely able to play it right, she got an offer from a producer friend Julia to make a music video. They created her costume out of the rhinestones and picked the place in the nearest desert to film at the sunrise. When they were on set, Julia took a slate out with the date, scene number, and a project name. She said, “I don’t know what you want to call your project, but I named it today like your Instagram name, OlyasDream”. So that was perfectly aligned with the whole story and idea.

Three years later, she became a member of the composers club in Malibu and met many great people who helped her with the direction of the musician’s ideas. One singer, Beto Hale, asked her to help to record the backstage orchestra players he invited to play and record the song. In exchange, he offered to record and mix her first song at his studio. That’s where she ended up recording her debut album. 

Her latest offering, ‘Wildest Dreams’ is OlyasDream’s has a shamanic, dreamy feel to it. The alternative rock track features hand pan, drums, guitar, and electronic software on the production alongside her captivating vocals.

“It represents my personality, what I bring with my art.”OlyasDream

Her mission is for people to not be afraid to express themselves and to believe that what they can offer is unique to the world; this may lead to a world with more love and compassion.


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