NONĒ SUNSHINE Release Poignant Single, “Everything She Said”

Written by Divine Magazine

Forward-thinking garage rock outfit NONĒ SUNSHINE has released “Everything She Said,” a single inspired by “Pine Barrens,” a critically-lauded episode of The Sopranos, heavily praised for its use of bleak imagery that represents the uncertainty of our own existence.

“Everything She Said” is patient and calculated as it builds and expands from a vibrant, rock-centered effort into a razor-sharp arena anthem. Propelled by a wall of frenzied guitar fuzz, Nonē Sunshine’s energetic single swells unapologetically, filtering the track’s soaring and poignant message. Through the band’s ever-intensifying assault of authoritative guitars, the song asks those listening to consider the weight of our crisis of identity and the securities that we unknowingly forfeit in our search for affection, affirmation, and validation. A searing, cautionary tale confronting the flaws of the human condition, “Everything She Said” highlights the cost and consequences of not properly putting your ghosts to rest. 

“Everything She Said” follows NONĒ SUNSHINE’s energetic, tongue-in-cheek debut single S.O.S. and launches their forthcoming EP, scheduled for release in the fall of 2022.

For more information about NONĒ SUNSHINE follow them on Instagram at @thenonesunshine.

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