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Noah's Bane, by Wulf Francù Godgluck
Books EW Elaine White September 15, 2019 1127
Daddy/Boy Perfection!
 POV: 3rd person, dual POV 
 Noah's Bane is a masterpiece of dark, rough, gritty characters exposing their vulnerable side. In a world that is far from fair or perfect, hearts have grown hard, guards were raised, and everyone knows it's safer to keep their distance. Noah and Bane have protected themselves in different ways, and agreed to a contract that satisfies their dark needs without the complication of emotions. Until one of them breaks the contract...and the other has to face the fact that the contract was broken the first night they met. With a skilled writer like Godgluck at the wheel, this is one novel you won't soon forget. 

 If you want a novel to grip make your heart pound, make you bite you lip and sigh, and get you hot and uncomfortable...this is the one for you. 
 Noah's Bane is where dark hearts meet, fall, and rise again like a phoenix. It will leave you wanting more, make you laugh, cry and tremble right along with Noah, until those calm words from Daddy Bane remind you to breathe. 

 “Take a deep breath. In and out, can you do that for me, Noah?” 

 Daddy Bane will lock those eyes on you, grab you by the hair, pull you into place and steal your heart. His tough shell has no hope of surviving Noah, and the gentleness he shows his mother will make you weep. But don't mess with him. The minute you are a risk to his Boy, all bets are off. 
 Daddy Bane bites. Hard. 

 “There wasn't a speck of Bane Rozek that was not corrupted or stained with his dark sins.” 

   Wulf Francù Godgluck  is an author you can rely on. You want hot, dirty and fierce? You got it. You want something kinky, brutal and heartstopping? Done. You want tender, emotional and beautiful? You get that too. The talent is undeniable, and unfailing. Pick up one of their books you will never be disappointed. 
 Noah's Bane is no different. It has everything you could want – dirty talk, hot smut, tender emotions, and a heart-thudding rollercoaster ride of adrenaline – all wrapped up in a story that grips you from page one and refuses to let go. 


 I was surprised, at first, to find that it began with the relationship already two years into the made total sense. To see Noah's feelings, to understand his love, it made more sense that it had grown over the two years he'd had with Bane, rather than trying to cram falling-in-love into the rest of the plot, when it was the central theme. 
 The story was a perfect blend of present day and flashbacks, which were vital to showing us the progression of Bane and Noah's relationship. But, they weren't overwhelming, and they were sprinkled sparingly into the plot at the most important stages. 
 The central characters will steal your heart, and the secondary cast will make you itch for the next book in the series, hoping and praying that the one you like best will get the next book. Me? I'm hoping for more of Crow, more Levi, and more Croc. I wouldn't say no to some Lance and Dacio, or a little of Sir Salis, either. I absolutely adored Noah's relationship with his dad, and Bane's relationship with his mother, as well as the other brothers. 
 The men in this series are tough, gritty and full of pent up aggression. Walking testosterone. But they're not your pretty-boy gym-bunnies. These are hardy, older men who know what they want and what they're willing to do to get it. They're real, tough, and ready to take what they want. 

 I'm fairly new to Daddy/boy books. It's never been a theme I actively sought out, like BDSM, because I find that I need a particular author to tell it right for my tastes. Godgluck does it RIGHT. 
 This book so perfectly reminded me of a long-time favouite BDSM series, The Hampton Road Club, and will perfectly fill the gap that series left behind. Noah's Bane has reignited my love of well-written BDSM and Daddy/boy stories, and I can't wait to read more in the series. 


 Favourite Quotes 

 “Besides, everyone wore masks. Everyone. Some were far too comfortable with them, deceiving others into believing they were the truth rather than the actual person behind it. 
Noah never wore a mask when he entered the club or the playroom, he never pretended to be anything other than Noah Lavoie. When he did a scene with Daddy, all his actions, all his choices and all his words were true. 
True to him. 
True to Daddy. 
True to being Noah.” 
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