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No! Jocks Don't Date Guys by Wade Kelly

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No! Jocks Don't Date Guys by Wade Kelly

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The Jock Series
About the Author
Wade Kelly lives and writes in conservative, small-town America on the east coast where it’s not easy to live free and open in one's beliefs. Wade writes passionately about controversial issues and strives to make a difference by making people think. Wade does not have a background in writing or philosophy, but still draws from personal experience to ponder contentious subjects on paper. There is a lot of pain in the world and people need hope. When not writing, she is thinking about writing, and more than likely scribbling ideas on sticky notes in the car while playing “taxi driver” for her three children. She likes snakes, can’t spell, and has a tendency to make people cry.

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Publication Date
December 14, 2015
The JOCK Series: Book Two

What is a sexy soccer stud supposed to do when “following family tradition” falls 180 degrees opposite his closeted ideal?

From birth, Chris Jackson has been schooled on how to land a cheerleader. After all, his father married one, and his father’s father before him. Heck, even his older brother married a stereotypical cheerleader the summer before Chris went off to college. For two years, Chris dodges invasive questions about relationships by blaming his lack of female companionship on grueling practices and heavy course loads. But his lack of interest in girls should’ve given his family a clue. It isn’t until Chris mentions meeting a boy that his father’s synapses short-circuit.

Alonzo Martin is anything but a buxom blond. From his black hair, combat boots, and trench coat to his nail polish and guyliner, the mysterious introvert isn’t easily persuaded to date. Alonzo’s insecurities keep Chris at arm’s length, but Alonzo’s painful past might meet its match in the charismatic jock’s winning smile and sense of humor.

When opposites attract, only cheerleaders and gummy bears can help overcome fear and family tradition.

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(Updated: December 18, 2015)
Opposites attract has never been a more apt description....but boy does these guys belong together?!? Instant attraction leading to a wonderfully deep and caring love. Chris is a GOOD athlete, a great friend, a good son and brother, a successful student, outgoing and popular. Alonzo, is shy, introverted, traumatised by past events and living with fear and guilt. Lonnie drags the mother in me kicking and screaming to the surface and holds her there. The need to wrap him up in a hug is overwhelming and my emotions took a bit of a battering reading about him. Seeing him face his problems, dealing with them and coming out the other side a happier, more complete person was immensely touching. There is a fairly large cast of extras here too. Chris's best friend Doug inspired a range of feelings in me.....from like to severe disappointment and back to like again. Despite Chris's father's acceptance of the relationship at the end of the book, I never felt comfortable with him. His attitude didn't change...he was just mollified by some crafty manoeuvring on Alonzo's part. When family tradition comes before your child's happiness, I don't like you..sorry!
I loved this book tho, romance by the bucket load, love that overcame some deeply rooted problems, characters that draw you in and keep you gripped. Fabulous sexy scenes, beautiful, engaging writing, and a hard won happy ending. Wonderful!
Top 10 Reviewer 87 reviews
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