Nice Vice Releases Powerful Indie Rock EP First Dose

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Following two pre-released singles, Toronto native Seth Horst, known on stage as Nice Vice, has dropped his first EP, First Dose. The record is a collection of songs recorded over two years of quarantine, and follows a personal journey of growing and maturing through new love. In addition to writing his own lyrics, Horst also played and recorded each instrument on the EP, which allows him to tell a strikingly personal narrative on each track. 

“This first EP release has two main themes. First being the classic “love” theme, half of the tracks deal with different stages of being in love, some good some bad… The other theme is ego death: Dealing with your own personality, breaking points and becoming someone else.” 

– Seth Horst

Nice Vice recruited Zak Van Zeumeren to mix First Dose and Theodore Papadopoulos to master it, but he takes pride in the EP being an introspective and largely self-produced record. “All the time stuck at home inspired some serious reflection which I think came out in this project,” says Horst. “New love, lost love and introspection.” Tracks like “Cheap Revenge” are unapologetic and honest, while the previously released single “Bloom” takes on a lighter tone. Horst is skilled at balancing each track to encompass a broad range of 90’s inspired rock sounds. EP highlights also include “No Ends” and “Simpatico.”

Now living in Los Angeles, the Canadian indie-rock artist Nice Vice has combined a modern indie-rock sound with inspirations from 90’s greats such as Counting Crows and Pearl Jam. Nice Vice’s sound ebbs and flows from soft to heavy, as transitions within songs reflect the volatile emotions expressed through his lyrics. 

This EP is great for a night drive or a chill weekend. Be sure to stream First Dose here and follow Nice Vice’s musical career on Instagram @NiceViceMusic

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