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New YouTube Series Takes Fashion Inspiration From Iconic Hollywood Costume Designers

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In Film to Fashion, popular fashion YouTuber Katie Orlowski chats to some of Hollywood’s most iconic costume designers, sharing their secrets how to channel instantly recognisable styles from smash hit films and TV shows like Stranger Things, The Breakfast Club, and Clueless.


Film to Fashion is a web series that gives you the secrets of Hollywood’s top costume designers to create budget-friendly and on-trend outfits that channel their most iconic styles. Presented by prominent fashion YouTuber Katie Orlowski of the popular series Steal the Spotlight (200 000 subscribers), the series releases weekly from October 3.

In the series, Katie merges her love of all things fashion and pop culture as she explores the styles from a number of cult classic films and TV shows. Katie consults master designers like The Breakfast Club icon Marilyn Vance on the original looks, before using her knowledge of current trends and knack for thrifting to present character inspired outfits in a stylised lookbook. Bringing her vision to life in a stylised fashion show, these lookbooks are a bible for cosplayers and street-style lovers alike, showing how you can tailor these looks to your own sense of style and life.

Whether you want to show your off your love for the nineties’ high fashion in Clueless, pay homage to your favourite Disney princess with your prom dress, or you feel like literally wearing your excitement on your sleeve for the upcoming season of Stranger Things, Film To Fashion will show just how possible it is for any pop-culture or fashion fan to put together their own on-trend, character-inspired outfits.

Film to Fashion is part of the inaugural round of the Queensland Government’s Create Queensland partnership with YouTube. The partnership which was launched in 2016 and aims to stimulate the state’s next generation of creative entrepreneurs with collaboration between YouTubers and traditional screen professionals.

Katie and Steal The Spotlight

Katie Orlowski created Steal The Spotlight in 2013, and has since developed the channel into an ever-growing, entertaining and informative fashion advice platform. With 200,000 subscribers, Steal The Spotlight delivers bite-sized weekly fashion and style advice videos. Each engaging piece explores a different aspect of pop-culture inspired fashion that encourages reimagining pre-loved clothing with an eye-popping vibrance. Recent videos include outfits inspired by The Nanny, That 70s Show (146k views), and Friends (129k views), as well as lookbooks reimagining iconic looks everywhere from the 1920s to 2000s and current trends. There is even a how-to on dressing like Harry Styles. “Growing up with a love for fashion I knew I wanted style to be my main focus but I wanted to feature more than just the trends everyone was already wearing,” Katie says. “I wanted to inspire people to go outside of their comfort zone and wear whatever they want!”

“Clothing really allows you to transform into whoever you feel like embodying that day.”



Stranger Things

When the hit Netflix series Stranger Things landed in lounge rooms around the world, it instantly captured the nostalgia of ‘80s genre films that audiences hunger for. With an ever-growing fanbase and authentic costume designs that perfectly encapsulated the slightly-behind-the-times mid-west American fashion scene, Stranger Things was the perfect choice to feature in Film To Fashion. In this episode, Katie chats to Kimberley Adams, the costume designer behind looks such as Eleven’s pastel pink dress and knee-high socks, before creating a collection of character inspired outfits that would be just as perfect for costume or street wear.


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Future Episodes to watch out for

10 Things I Hate About You

Residing in the teen movie hall of fame, 10 Things I Hate About You presented a hilarious and authentic view of high school hierarchies, and introduced international audiences to Heath Ledger. While some ‘90s teen films like Clueless captivated teen audiences’ aspirational high fashion dreams, 10 Things instead explored the other end of the fashion spectrum by featuring characters that identified with punk, ska and grunge styles of the decade. For this reason, and because the film retains a devoted fan base to this day, 10 Things was a perfect choice to feature in Film To Fashion. In this episode, Katie talks to Kimberly Tillman, and takes her tips and insights to thrift a lookbook of ‘90s-inspired outfits in the tradition of teen movie high school ragers.

The Breakfast Club

Few ‘80s teen movies come close to the enduring legacy of John Hughes’ masterpiece The Breakfast Club. Despite being over 30 years old, it remains as relatable and beloved today in its deconstruction of teenage life. But beyond the loveable cast of characters, the clothes they wear also endure, with looks such as Bender’s denim and plaid combo proving to be timeless classics. In this episode of Film To Fashion, Katie chats with Brat Pack design icon and John Hughes regular collaborator Marilyn Vance about how she had the foresight to create these authentic outfits that would stand the test of time. Then, with a bit of creativity and a lot of thrift store bargain hunting, Katie puts together a lookbook to show just how possible it is to create on-trend outfits inspired by these cult classic characters.


New movies may come and go, but fans around the world still hold on to their love and fascination of Disney’s classics. With constant recontextualising of Disney Princess outfits and the advent of undercover cosplay movements like Disneybounding, Katie knew one episode of Film To Fashion just had to explore these beloved characters and their relation to modern day fashion trends. In this episode, Katie speaks to Mona May, the costume designer who brought an animated princess into the real world with the film Enchanted. With some insight into this adaptation process and some very fortuitous thrift store finds, Katie puts together a magical fashion lookbook complete with princesses, villains and a perfectly cast Prince Charming.


Some argue the ‘90s were when teen films ruled. This is particularly true of the 1995 cult classic Clueless, which uniquely dived into the world of high class teen fashion. It is for this reason – and because it was the most requested film-inspired look-book from Katie’s followers – that it was absolutely essential that Film To Fashion devoted an episode to exploring the truly iconic style of Cher, Dionne and Tai. In this episode Katie fangirls when she again chats to Mona May. With fascinating insights and couple of crucial tips gained from her chat, Katie begins a shopping spree that would make Cher proud, and presents some of her favourite outfits in a look-book to rival the very best wardrobe montages.


About Manifold Media

Manifold Media is a Brisbane based video production company created by emerging screenwriter and producer Adam Fowler. After completing a Master of Screenwriting at VCA and an emerging producer residency at award winning production company Hoodlum, Adam continued developing and producing digital media content, recently working in narrative virtual reality and online video marketing campaigns. Film To Fashion is the first screen project produced under the banner of Manifold Media and demonstrates an eagerness to tell interesting and engaging stories across any platform and within any genre.

Director’s Statement – Steven Geddes

It was such an exciting prospect to take my experience and knowledge of longform broadcast content and apply it to Katie’s channel Steal the Spotlight. For me, the motivating factor to get involved with the project was Katie’s genuine love of fashion and her incredibly high level of respect for her audience, which is evident in every video she produces. In developing Film to Fashion, maintaining these fundamental factors was critical. With this in mind our main objective was to really elevate the incredible design work Katie already does without breaking away from the elements of her videos that are currently so appealing to her fans.

Firstly, we looked at Katie’s direct vlogging piece to cameras that are prevalent not only on her channel but across YouTube. We introduced dynamic movement, background characters and a range of new props & sets. The interviews with the world-class costume designers are totally new segments that were introduced for the series and are at the core of the Film to Fashion concept. For both Katie and her audience, they provide an authentic and in-depth understanding of the processes of some of Hollywood’s best designers. Finally, we wanted to supercharge the look-book section of each episode. This is where Katie’s showcases her fantastic styles. To achieve this, we introduced models of all shapes and sizes, dynamic & informative graphics, and paid homages to the original films.


Katie’s videos on Steal the Spotlight, including Film to Fashion, hold true to her passion and dedication to pop culture inspired fashion. With the injection of new production techniques, incredible guests and plenty of other exciting extras I know the channel will resonate with new and old fans alike. Personally, I have not only gained numerous, invaluable style tips along the way but more importantly adapted and grown my traditional production skill set. Working in collaboration with Katie we have made an invaluable step towards bridging the traditional and new video production industry in Australia. I sincerely hope this is only the first of many series I produce & direct for YouTube.


Screen Queensland: Queensland Originals with YouTube

In 2016, Screen Queensland’s YouTube initiative brought together screen practitioners with leading YouTube creators to develop and produce new content. This initiative is in line with Screen Queensland’s purpose to grow the screen industry and to be a significant contributor to the state’s economic and cultural wellbeing.

Katie Orlowski (Steal the Spotlight) and Manifold Media, in association with Light + Shade, were selected in the inaugural round of this initiative.


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