New Year, New Kitchen: Our 2019 Kitchen Trend Predictions

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2018 has been an interesting year for kitchen interior design, seeing new trends arrive on the scene and others move on – and 2019 will undoubtedly see a whirlwind of new styles emerge. From lighting to color palettes, today we’ll be peeking ahead and providing you with our top trend predictions for 2019.

Pendants will hang around

Over the past year, an increasing number of designers have been embracing suspended lighting fixtures in kitchens. We predict that homeowners will increasingly opt for pendant lighting in the year ahead, choosing to make a bold design statement in their spaces rather than use inconspicuous recessed lights. Minimalism remains a popular design style in modern homes, and pendants are an effective way to add character and interest to space without moving away from its core pared-back aesthetic.

Natural materials will reign supreme

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This year it was near impossible to turn on the news channel without seeing stories related to the environment. From man-made ecological disasters to bold political actions, 2018 was filled with talk about the planet and our impact on it. As a result, homeowners have become increasingly keen to reduce their carbon footprint when it comes to home renovations – and one way to do this is by using sustainable or recyclable natural materials.

From installing longlasting granite stone worktops to using oak, recycled steel, or even bamboo for your cupboards and drawers, the use of natural materials will continue to give homeowners and interior designers peace of mind that their projects are having minimal impact on the environment.

Smart tech will connect our home

While not exactly an aesthetic aspect of a space, smart tech has the potential to connect our kitchens in ways once only dreamt up in dystopian science fiction novels. An increasing number of appliances hitting the market now have smart tech features ranging from personalized apps to Bluetooth connectivity – bringing our cooking spaces forward into the future. We can, therefore, expect many new kitchens in 2019 to contain at least some aspects of smart technology, be that a coffee machine that makes your morning brew as you step down the stairs or an AmazonBasics Microwave that can cook your popcorn via an Alexa command.

Matte will outshine other finishes

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There’s something alluring about an all-matte kitchen – and if you’ve stepped into a kitchen showroom at all this year, you’ll have noticed the latest cabinetry and appliances are all made in this style. While this suave aesthetic looks great, it’s also much easier to clean – which makes it ideal for busy family homes where the kitchen sees regular bumps and spillages. We predict that dark greys, in particular, will pop up in design magazines and Instagram feeds this year, which leads us nicely to our next trend prediction…

White will fall to the wayside

For decades, white has been the go-to hue for most kitchens, but that might be changing. Moodier palettes have begun to infiltrate kitchens, offering an intriguing change of pace to the usual whitewashed aesthetic. While we’re not saying white won’t remain a popular choice in the year ahead – it’ll always be a staple shade in kitchen design – we think that 2019 will see an increasing number of designers and homeowners experiment with darker colors to add interest to their home.

We can’t wait to see which design trends emerge over the next 12 months! Do you have any other predictions? Let us know by replying below.

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